Sites and blogs have often face stigma, scraping content. What is it and how does it really hurt your reputation?

Scraping content defined in simple terms, is a method for extracting the content of websites only published on the website or blogs. This is effectively done through the RSS. This means that if you have a great blog, there are scrapers out there who would be looking for all your work to steal just to stick to their sites; you could prevent the achievement of your moment of glory online (if they have a better skill you SEO).

Content Scraping Why a formidable act?

Initially, this was not scraping content taken seriously, often, the web experts thought that the original domain would be considered a more reliable source in the search engines is concerned. Blind faith in the ability to search engines to recognize the original source was the main reason behind ignoring expert web content scraping.

And as they pass some time, scraping the content is becoming more sophisticated, and now it is extremely difficult to identify and between fake and original content to distinguish. Like search engines, so they are not good too!

So how do you react?
You should never allow anyone to steal your content, and at the expense of all the hard work you are thinking of getting this content! Here are some basic ways to help you deal with scrapers and make sure their hands in your content.

Htaccess ban

How often proposed to deal with these troublemakers is to simply block access to your website. All you have to do is make some changes to your htaccess file, you can use the codes from the Internet, where you enter your htaccess file.

Email the site owners

Sometimes, just email the owner, with a threat of filing a DMCA complaint to Google to do the work. Most of them would return immediately.

Revenge time!

You can use a bit nasty and a script to the contents of the trash to get as a model. When their software copies the contents, they would receive texts strange, funny pictures and multiple loops back to the host server, causing a server crash.

Wordpress plug-in

You can use different plug-in, especially if you run your blog on the Wordpress platform, for example, the plug-in known as anti-leech protection from scratches content. This plug-in will share a fictitious content, while protecting the stream of original content. However, this plug-in also need IP address for an efficient operation.

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