Turning your article into video for content syndication isn't as difficult as you might think. Video is a powerful medium, and more and more people are relying on video to get their information. The online video giant, YouTube, has 162.5 million visitors each month, according to Quantcast. Wouldn't you like to get your share of those eyeballs for your content on your site?

It's not as tough to create video from your content as you might think. Here are 7 easy steps to convert your content into video for content syndication:

1. Know your goal. What do you hope to accomplish with syndicating your video? Get more opt-ins? Drive traffic to your site? Sell a product or service? Be sure you have a clear picture of the result you want to achieve, also known as your call to action, prior to your syndication process, as this will aid in creating the video.

2. Gather your resources. In order to make your call to action work, you will need the following:

--An ethical bribe, what I call a client attraction device, to give your viewers an incentive to follow your call to action, especially if your call to action is to increase your opt-in list.

--Just like something that is for sale, you'll need to create a landing page containing a list of benefits to your visitor as to why they would want to part with their name and email address to receive what it is that you're offering.

--A branded Powerpoint background. This background will display your logo and your landing page URL. Webcaster Graphics (http://www.webcastergraphics.com/index.php?afid=2491 ) offers a number of Powerpoint backgrounds that can be customized to your brand.

--Images to illustrate your presentation. Purchase five rights-free images that can be used for commercial purposes. I use Dreamstime (http://www.dreamstime.com/res247340-high-res ) for the purchase of all of my images for my sites.

--Lastly, you'll need to write your script to include an introduction, the body of your content, and your call to action.

3. Keyword list and description. Be sure that you have a short keyword list created to use on the video submission sites. Don't forget to include your name and your business name. Then, create a short description of your video that includes your URL of the web site you want to promote, followed by a keyword-rich description.

4. Create your Powerpoint. Set your Powerpoint page setup for an online show -- 16:9 ratio. You'll want to place one sentence on each slide of your presentation. Conclude your presentation with a call to action slide. Sprinkle your images throughout the slides.

5. Record your video. The new version of SnagIt (http://www.snagit.com) lets you record screencast videos, and since it's priced under $50, it's a very inexpensive and reliable tool. In addition, it's a great image editor! Open your presentation and read the script you've written, progressing the slides as you read through your script. Save your video as a mp4.

6. Upload your video. Create an account at One Load, (link to http://www.oneload.com ) which is a video syndication site and upload your video. At that point you'll be presented with the various sites to which your video will be syndicated. You'll need to go in and create accounts at each of these sites. Take the time to complete your profile on each site, including uploading your bio, headshot, web site URLs, and connect your social media sites to these profiles, if permitted. However, don't upload to Youtube here, as there are some special video optimization tricks you can use with Youtube that can't be done when you use OneLoad.

7. Upload video to Youtube. Be sure to take advantage of the maps option, video autoplay, annotation, and captions and subtitles to give your video more "SEO juice."

If you're like me and hate "talking head" videos, creating a screencast video is a simple and inexpensive way to get your content to continue to work for you. Expand your content syndication plan with videos and see how your web site traffic increases!

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