Keeping blog readers happy should be the #1 goal of any good blogger simply because this is how you get visitors to return! The best way to achieve this goal is to offer quality content therefore it's vital to understand what readers find interesting enough to warrant their return!

Here are 3 things any of which a new post should offer that will get visitors to return to your platform time and again!


Teaching viewers something they were not previously aware of that pertains to an interest of theirs is priceless! Remember people flock to your site based upon the central theme you've chosen therefore you already know what is of interest to them! A good blogger will typically continue their learning about the topic upon which they base their writing! As new information is uncovered by research or perhaps hands on experience, this offers the potential for some truly quality content to be shared!


There is literally 'tons' (at least I imagine so anyway) of useful information to be found online but it is not worded in a way everybody may understand! By rewriting any such information in a way that is easily understandable, you can get visitors to not only return for more of the same but also have them refer it to others! It's amazing how simply clarifying what somebody else has written previously can make you look like a genius not to mention the credibility you build as well!


Imparting new knowledge to your readers is one thing but to also use examples as to how it can be applied is something people find really helpful! This is the 'ah ha' moment when the light comes on for viewers and everything comes together for them! In some ways this can be similar to 'coloring by numbers' and makes visitors that much more comfortable with how to apply what they have just learned! This is what many consider to be very useful information since they are not only given new knowledge but shown how to use it as well! For many viewers this is quality content at its best!

Blog readers are or at least should be the #1 priority of any good blogger and gaining their satisfaction starts with publishing quality content! The focus of the discussion above is what people view as quality content and how any good blogger can continuously offer it to get visitors to return! The 3 suggestions offered above target 'objectives' a good blogger may want to keep in mind when creating content! By doing so they maintain the 'intrigue' of viewers which will help to get visitors to return to their platform! It is in fact this loyalty, shown by the people returning to your site, that is the best measure of your success in terms of blogging!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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