To raise the standard of work and living it’s clear to me there must be continual advancements in humanness, medicine, and technology. What is your action plan to win, make more money, and grow to make lives better?

We need to create more jobs to stimulate the economy. This means increasing intelligence through education, access, transparency, and the assembling of delivery models to reach people faster and on demand. By striving for talent acquisition and winning their services through advancements in humanness we’ll not only lead an economic rise, our families and youth will grow stronger locally and abroad. Entrepreneurship and government (the people) investing in research in addition to collaboration with other countries can excite people towards a better living, if you will.

List three ways your company is advancing humanness:

Through advancements in medicine we can make a healthier and more productive workforce, prolong productive life, and even live beyond years we may think is unimaginable. The key is reaching people through delivery models on demand for not only life saving outcomes but for life enhancing outcomes. A longer life span of work/life balance surely gives us more ammunition to make lives better locally and abroad. We see technology assisting humanness and medicine in leveling the playing field for more to prosper.

List three ways your company is advancing the use of medicine:

By using technology we are able to reach people much faster and in areas where both can benefit from services and products. There are many past examples. However, what are you doing to create an example that has a much larger impact?

Be creative and focus on leading through continual advancements in humanness, medicine, and technology to make lives better. Surely, the economy, pay, and your investment balance will rise. For those who want to lead this revolution, there will be high returns on investment and the satisfaction you are making lives better. Of course, it has to work (produce better results).

List three ways your company is advancing its use of technology:

History has shown how we’ve advanced in humanness, medicine, and technology. What the future shows is by continually doing so you win, make more money, and grow to make lives better. What is your mindset (what you think or the way you think?), mood (the way you feel, bottom line, or action), and motivation (the top line or what is your motivation?) to make this happen?

Every job has a percentage of humanness, medicine, and technology. What are you doing to increase productivity and profitability by increasing the percentages? It would make lives better.

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Raj works with organizations that more productivity and profitability by improving their mindset, mood, and motivation. He is the author of Winning at Entrepreneurship. Contact him at 404.918.7366,, or learn more at