When it comes to getting results in your business or personal life, it takes thought and action of thought. A thought can inspire what if? Which leads to I wonder, which can either physically motivate you into action and physically manifest the thought, or allow that little voice to talk you out of acting on a potential great idea.
Thoughts are inspirations that take great courage to manifest into physical goals. Every year we make a conscious decision to elevate our business to the next level. What are the thoughts surrounding the accomplishment of that decision? Are they positive burning desires that motivate you to stay focused? Or are they thoughts of never amounting to anything and why bother it will just be like last year; nothing ever goes my way.

You have the power to take your thoughts and allow them to become your motivational tool to succeed in all of your goals and desires. You have the power to elevate your goals and aspirations whether personal or business. Take your thoughts and make them so. It is that easy.

Revisit your goals, or if you did not make any for this year, now is the time to do so. Take one of the goals and turn it into a passion and make that passion your primary focus. Write out what is that you need to allow for that passion to be achieved. Do not hold back; write out what it will take even if you do not have the resources physically to believe that it could be possible.

A thought does not allow for the physical constraints of can’t. What we think, we have the ability to manifest physically. Our vibrational energy synchs with the energy of the resources we need to make it so. What happens is our January thoughts were written down into goals and then forgotten. Or our little voice talked us into the perplexities of the goal and allowed us to think it was unattainable.
The law of the universe is to provide what we need if we feel we are worthy of that desire, or passion, or goal. It is quite simple, and yet we make it so difficult. It is a leap of faith to put trust into what we cannot see. If you allow the Universe to act upon your request, the messages will come, but it is up to you to allow yourself to see them. If you allow the connection you have cleared your thoughts of all physical constrains and are ready to receive the universal messages.

Our body, mind and spirit follow natural spiritual law. We need to connect with our earth in order to become grounded and connected with the present moment. Being grounded allows us to become spiritually connected to the Universal’ vibration and allows for intention. Take a walk barefoot in the sand, dirt or grass. Hike into the woods or desert and become aware of the stillness. Listen to the breeze, smell the air and be grateful for the connection. Connecting with nature allows for realignment of our intentions and our desire.

When we feel our goal slipping away you have two choices, either refuel with positive intention, or give up. Ask yourself this, how has giving up worked for me in the past? Did it help me to ascertain my goals, aspirations and desires? We cannot make a conscious intention of passion and then expect it to arrive on our threshold the next day. It takes time, and when the time space and sequence are right, it will manifest.

If we allow our emotions and negative thoughts to take over, we block access to universal vibration and energy as well as the vibration of our intention. When you lie in bed, take a deep breath, hold it for 3 seconds and release until there is no breath left in your diaphragm. Take another deep cleansing breath and present your passion to the Universe, present what you feel may be the hindering factor to obtaining your goal and ask for the solutions to present themselves during sleep. This will allow for your higher awareness to find the solutions needed and allow for you to act upon those solutions on a subconscious level.

Have fun, laugh and play as life can get way too serious and sometimes we get caught up in the momentum. If we become bound by the energy of the physical world we lose our connection to our intention and take us out of being present. Laughing opens our heart chakra and allows us to reconnect with our higher self and allows for our vibration to realign with our desires. It rebalances our soul and clears our minds of constraining thoughts and heals our energy allowing for us to connect with higher channels of solutions.

Give yourself permission to go have fun; the universe is ordering it. Having me- time is not a waste of time as it allows for solutions to your desires. Recreation time allows for you to leave your worries behind and allows you the inner space to refuel your connection to source and realign with higher vibrations. It allows your creative spirit to soar opening all channels of intention and refreshes your energy, spirit and vibration. We need to refresh our physical body, mind and spirit by scheduling time to have fun.

We have a choice to either allow our surroundings to physically and spiritually affect us disrupting the flow of intention, or we can take steps to continually fan the flames our drive. We are all faced with situations, critical moments and physical blocks that may hindered our goals. Do not allow this to break the connection of your intentions. Keep in mind they too are a moment in time and shall soon pass. Keep the intention; revisit your goals, desires and passion every day keeping the intention for success present. Feel the emotions of your goal. Take me- time, down time, laugh, have fun to refuel and connect with your higher vibration. The intention lies within you to make it so. When you reach your goal, repeat this process and make it so.

Karen Langston is a Chief Body Reorganizer you can find her finger painting on a rainy day. Contact Karen to shapeshift your mind body and business environment today; 623 252.HEAL (4325) Karen@IamWorthit2.com

Author's Bio: 

Karen Langston is a Chief Body Reorganizer and leading Health Educator in nutrition and natural medicine. Her passion for health came after years of significant illness. To take back her health she received a degree in Applied Holistic Nutrition, from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Ontario and pursued status of Certified Practitioner from Nutritional Practitioners Council of Canada, Live Cell Microscopsit, Lifestyle Educator in Phoenix AZ, Certified Nutritionist from the National Association of Nutritional Professionals in California and Somatherapies with Isis Institute in Florida.

Karen’s approachable and easy-going personality spills over into her dedication to demystify the language of health science and optimal nutrition. Her fun and simple programs are of interest to all ages. Her articles of choice are educational and sought after for her unique approach to educate and enlighten. Karen is a coach, author and creator of many different health, wellness, motivational and emotional well being seminars. Her favorite programs are the Body Rehab Program and The Karen and Joey Show promoting a functional holistic health and wellness community for personal, small businesses and corporations. Karen is known internationally for being of service to spread the message that everyone has the right to optimal health.