When you plan on decorating or renovating your home, a common question which may pop up in your head is which interior design style you should choose. The contrast between traditional and modern home designs is beyond what they appear to the eyes. Hiring a specialist interior designing company in Delhi can help you clear the confusion and make a choice between the two.

But still, to help you get a brief idea, below are the some major traits which define these two famous interior design styles and make them different from one another.

Modern interior design:

Best interior designers in delhi ncr concentrate on minimalistic use of light colours and clean straight lines. Modern interiors contain bold colour and neutral components and mainly concentrate on shape, form and line. Many natural materials like teak, linen, leather and wood are used extensively. On the other hand, plastic, polished metal and plywood are extremely famous in the modern style furniture. These are generally lifted from the floor to offer a new-age sort of feeling and to also maximize the space. Homes with modern interior tend to feature big-sized glass windows to bask in natural light which makes the interior area feel more airy and open. The room looks more illuminating and fresher when it’s airier.

Moreover, the walls are generally white in color which makes the interior feel expansive. An open kitchen is generally built in the living space. Besides, accessories such as frames and rugs from neutral palettes such as creams, browns or whites are used.

Traditional interior design:

The traditional design offers a feeling of the local culture and past and concentrates more on comfort than style. Materials like brick, plaster and stone are popular in this style of interior design. It generally includes highly decorative furnishings, mainly in the Old English and Baroque style. They reflect order and consistency and have an unfussy and homey feel.

Turnkey contractors in Delhi NCR makes sure that the traditional interior design of the home is comfortable yet predictable at the same time. The walls in a typical traditional interior style are often of a neutral colour. This helps to minimize any intricate furnishings visually present in the same interior space. The furniture items used in this space generally feature vibrant colours like brown, blue and red with heavy floral patterns. Accessories which can be included in a traditionally decorate home include plants, lamps, mirrors and book shelves.

Which one is a better choice between the two?

The subtle hues and picturesque porches of the traditional interior design are inviting and warm. A traditionally decorated home offers a classic and comfortable vibe and makes a best choice for sentimental people fascinated by the local culture. However, homes having modern interiors have their own charm. They use efficient design and natural light, making you feel both cozy and spacious.

Hence, as both of these interior designs come with their own set of benefits, it entirely depends on the kind of taste you have for them. You can hire a reputed expert offering best home renovation in Delhi to help you renovate and design your home in the best suited style.

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