People with disabilities have the choice: Should the necessary assistance be granted as so-called "benefits in kind" or should the amount of granted be paid out directly to them? In the second case, those affected have to organize the help themselves. But you can also decide yourself who should provide this help.

People with disabilities can assign support services to people from their environment (family, friends, neighbors). However, if specialist services are required, these must be carried out by appropriately trained specialists.

People with disabilities thus become employers for their assistants. However, this also means ensuring that the persons commissioned register with the health insurance company and the tax office, as they are subject to tax and insurance. Employment on basis must also be registered in the miners' union's mini job center

The cross-agency personal Azmoney

Often the services of the LVR are not the only services that a person with a disability receives. For example, benefits from the long-term care insurance can be added. Here there is the possibility of receiving all services bundled as a so-called "cross-agency" personal budget. This means that the agencies involved pay their share of the personal Azmoney and the total amount is then paid out to the beneficiaries.

People with disabilities who would like to receive a "cross-agency" personal Azmoney only need to submit an application to one of the institutions involved (LVR, health or care insurance). This is then coordinated with all other participating cost bearers.

The (cross-provider) personal budget is an alternative form of benefits to participation and rehabilitation through monetary amounts or alternatively also vouchers. It enables you to decide for yourself when, where, how and from whom you take advantage of participation services in order to optimally cover your individual need for help. Through the personal budget you become a buyer, customer or even an employer and thus have an influence on the type and design of the service you receive.

This strengthens your self-determination and your independence and enables an equal participation in life in society. The basis of the personal budget is a target agreement between you as the budget taker and the service provider, who acts as a contact person and coordinator in all matters relating to the personal budget. Regardless of which and how many individual services you use, even if the services concern different service providers, you always have only one contact person.
This guarantees that the personal budget always comes from a single source.

What is the Azmoney?

The Azmoney should cover the individually determined needs of a disabled person.  The majority of the approved budget amounts per month. Nobody should expect more money than before: The personal Az money should not exceed the amount of the costs of all individually determined services. Any expenses necessary for advice and support that are capable of being bailed must be included.

The crediting of income and assets is based on the same rules for the personal budget as for benefits in kind.
In principle, the participation benefits requested in accordance with the special benefit laws in the new benefit form of the personal budget are not income-related.

But if tax-financed social assistance benefits, z. B. Integration assistance for people with disabilities or assistance with care in the form of the personal budget are applied for, the income and asset limits for social assistance apply - as with benefits in kind.

Personal budget or contribution in kind

The new laws give people with disabilities the choice of whether they want benefits in kind or a personal budget. The benefits in kind continue to exist; it will not be abolished by the personal budget. It is also possible that people with disabilities can receive benefits in kind and a personal budget for various aids at the same time.

Who can apply for AZ money?

Anyone who is disabled or at risk of becoming disabled can apply, regardless of how severe their disability. A personal Azmoney is also an option for people who cannot manage their personal Azmoney on their own due to their disability. In addition, parents can apply for personal Azmoney for their disabled children, for example for individual aid, social assistance from the youth welfare office or holiday care from the youth welfare office.


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