We spend thirty three percent of our lives in the sleep state. What if we could have the ability to in some way still make use of that precious time to evolve and enlarge our gifts? This is the very important mystery that propels people young and old who are focused on controlling dreams.

Indeed, how to contend with this unique practice? How do we, in a manner of speaking, increase the time of our lives?

We're about to assess a few elementary processes in this post.

Anything at all that you will read on the question will tell you to start off by creating a dream journal. I have used this system and I can tell you, dear reader, from personal experience, that it works well. You have to be able to remember your dreams in order to gain the most significant use out of them. Maintaining a notebook on your night stand and recording what you can call to mind after waking in the morning will coach your mental faculties to recreate your dreams in better detail.

Upon arising, you should try to keep relaxed and in a some-what slower state of mind.

Ask gently what you were just dreaming of. Record what you recall as most recent and then work in reverse order. Take it in note form. You'll be able to order it better after all of the notes are collected.

Should you have problems remembering your dreams, here's a slight strategy: set your alarm for a time much earlier from when you usually rise. After that, remain relaxed and jot down the notes in backwards order, as described previously. If you're too tired, allow yourself to fall back to sleep and order the notes when you wake up again.

Quick and simple as it may sound, intent plays a substantial role in the process. You would not go into a interview unprepared. In the same way, if you're determined with regards to developing awareness in the dream state, you'll certainly want to cool off, stretch, and focus right before bed. After that, as you get into bed, focus on having a lucid dream.

Whatever you do to totally focus your mind and bring things into your reality, do so for this. Inform your subconscious mind that this is something you want.

Being aware of personal dream triggers is a wonderful tool, and the journal will aid with this additionally. You'll begin to realize that specified locations and individuals surface recurrently in your dreams. Additionally, you can set up randomized triggers in your life. As an illustration, at every red light you stop at ask yourself, "Am I dreaming or awake?" Do this often enough and you'll start doing this while dreaming.

As soon as you're aware in dreams, looking at your hands will keep you conscious.

If you want to transform an unfavorable circumstance, it is best to face it directly. Fearful of that abominable goblin? Stare at it right in the eye and demand, "who are you?" Or, transmit love. Shift your attitude and you re-design the conditions. A lot of people report higher psychological health resulting from such experiences.

That should get you started. I will be going into greater depth in impending content. Thank you for checking this out!

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