An over sexed husband, with a small penis finds that domination by his live-in maid is a surprise activity for both of them.

Charlotte’s stories are normally to be lesbian fiction books. Maria was talking about his wife.
“She is almost as good as a virgin, no husband for years now, he had a tiny little dick, saw it once when he took a shower, I walked in sort of like an accident on purpose. He had been playing with it in the shower, caught him at it so as to speak.”
“What did he say?”
“Not what he said, he was too embarrassed. I just told him to come to my room once he was dressed and to be sure to put his dog collar on.”
“Did he?” They all asked at once. Eager to hear what happened next in one of the best lesbian books.
“Sure, told him to stand by me. I just undid his fly’s, unbuckled his belt and pulled it through the loops, laid it beside me; then when his shorts were round his ankles I pulled him over my lap and gave him a good hiding first with my hand, then I pulled his pants down to his ankles and leathered him with his belt till he sobbed and asked me to stop.”
Marie hesitated thinking of Maud spread eagled on the end of the sofa; she was silent, no way of telling if it was news to her or not, find out later Marie decided. This after all was not one of those lesbian love stories.
“So I told him I would stop, if he promised on the bible to always do exactly what I told him to do. I placed my bedside bible in his hand, but still held him down. He hesitated so I gave him six very hard and fast cutting his little whitey bottom in two places. He quickly swore a solemn oath to obey me or go to hell. Funny how some folks believe all this mumbo jumbo.”
Marie smiled at the memory, thinking, back then I had me a little boy to play with, now I have the wife. Jesus, you are so right, patience does have its just rewards.
“So I turned him over and first I played with his small balls, I could push them right out of his scrotum back into where they were before they dropped. Later on in our relationship I got a hot needle and pushed it through the folds of his scrotum so it trapped his balls in his body, he said that it did not hurt him much, bit like having your ears pierced, not many nerves in the scrotum.
Any way I got one of my earrings and pushed it through, near perfect but one ball kept popping out. So I reheated the needle laid him face up across my knees, found the sweet spot that worked for the errant little ball and made another through hole. When I was finished putting in the second earring the sack was empty and the loose folds hid the two earrings. Now I had me a grown-up adolescent little boy to play with. Over the weeks I learnt that he had never actually penetrated his wife, after he found out that she was a lesbian, he was to use his word, flummoxed, and this could not be one of those lesbian love stories
So I told him to tell his wife that he had asked the local bishop’s advice, Maud would never dare check on such a taboo subject of lesbian love stories. Saying that the bishop had told him to stay married but never to share the marital bed. It was then that I shaved him clean and kept him totally devoid of hair with a depilatory gel, it made his little privates so sexy now they were exactly the same as pre-puberty small boy’s; I wanted to eat them, which I did almost every day as depicted in lesbian fiction books.”
From then on he was a hundred percent mine, despite his small privates he was very randy, he needed wanking off every day sometimes three times, I called him LB, short for little boy. I used to leave a jug on the end of one shelf in the kitchen to say that I would be in my room alone. He would knock and wait for me to answer, then he would have say quietly through the door, this is best lesbian books.
“Naughty little boy here needing to be spanked and wanked.” Just like in the best lesbian books.

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

Author's Bio: 

I am an India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.