Have you ever wondered what that homeopathic lingo really means? Natural medical terms can be tough to learn, particularly if you don’t have a health care background.

Being familiar with what holistic terms mean will help you better be aware of the homeopathic treatments you're taking. It will help you make smarter choices when selecting the homeopathic medical therapy for you. While there are many terrific books available that outline homeopathic medical phrases and their applications, here is a shorter list of several of the homeopathic terms you are very likely to run into.

Natural Medical Terminology Defined

Acupuncture- the holistic remedy for using very slim needles to gain access to certain pressure points to ease symptoms.

Antidote- a holistic treatment that counteracts the negative impacts of a sickness or condition to be able to restore balance and healing.

Typical (or Traditional) Medicine- commonly refers to Western medical practices administered by an MD or DO.

Cupping- using suction, often by making use of fire and bowls put on the body, that is intended to increase circulation to precise areas of the body.

Drainage Remedy- a natural treatment utilized to correct the body’s system through detoxification, balancing, or nourishing.

Fasting- going without a specific food or refreshment to combat an ailment, or forgoing all foods for a period as part of a naturopathic remedy.

Herbalism- the natural treatment which involves using only herbal products to relieve a condition.

Holism- treating the individual as a whole- entire body, mind and spirit- rather than just treating the actual person.

Homeoprophylaxis- the use of homeopathic treatments to avoid the development of a condition or symptom, as an alternative to waiting for the condition to develop before managing the person. (vitamins and supplements are sometimes used as homeoprophylaxis).

Hydrotherapy- the effective use of water as part of a homeopathic therapy.

Lymphatic Drainage- the effective use of targeted massage to relieve lymphatic congestion.

Naturopathic- utilizing a number of homeopathic and natural cures, not only a single practice.

Nosode- a holistic treatment produced from the product of a sickness or from the infected tissue itself.

Tincture- a homeopathic medicine produced by dissolving an ingredient in a liquid, generally alcohol.

Trituration- blending ingredients through grinding them together with a mortal and pestle, or some other method of crushing.

If you have a question about a specific natural medical term, make sure you let us know! You may also go to your local library or all-natural medicine shop to ask a service rep about your terms. Most employees at such places are very knowledgeable of naturopathic terms and treatments.

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