It's not a surprise that the two fastest-growing mediums on the web are Social and Mobile. With the blast off of Social Networks including Facebook and the microblogging engines like Twitter, people have become amassed with building their social network presence online. In many cases, people are trying to build their brand online and improve their Klout, which was a company who is measuring the online influence of users in social media. None of this is going to change with the rise of mobile smartphones and the decline of the desktop computer. For one, people will not stop in their pursuit to find the best app for your mobile phone.

Apps are great utilities and can help users find what they need when they want it. However, the app developers realize that what people want is to be social and interact with their friends. That is why these WhatsApp Status types of apps and mobile are more overlapping than many would think. In the mobile landscape, social apps make up over 30 percent of all apps being used on mobile devices and Games being the other big player in the mobile landscape.

So the clear progression of the mobile applications is to include social into your apps and become a social game to encompass the best of both worlds, social networking, and mobile. This shouldn't come as a surprise as it wasn't just yesterday that Facebook launched and took over the world. However, mobile is still relatively new, and advancements in mobile are yet to come. For one, what about TV? People watch TV through their cable boxes and shortly, people will watch TV through their phone and connecting that to their TV.

Imagine a world where there was no more cable box or TV channels and to watch x-factor on Fox, you had to download the x-factor app from fox. Then connect the app to your TV to watch and interact with the show and also interact socially with your friends as you watch the show. TV and TV shows are becoming more social, and if they can integrate with mobile in the future, they will win and be the forward thinker the world is looking for. So watch out for mobile as yes it's getting big, but the possibilities are endless, and the fun has just begun for mobile and social networks.

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