Whether we call it a woman’s intuition, mother wit or simply common sense, women definitely have an internal wellspring of wisdom. We have an amazing capacity for insight and awareness. This wisdom is not that which we receive through academic matriculation, but it is intelligence that emits from the heart and spirit of a woman. It is a reflection of the Creator’s omniscience.
Just as biological DNA determines our physiological and, to some degree, our psychological make-up, wisdom is a component of the very fiber of a woman. We just seem to have an innate ability to comprehend, understand and communicate in multifaceted ways.
For the godly woman, this wisdom is exponentially enhanced and empowered through the Holy Spirit. The spiritual DNA of a woman is as integral to her life composition as her genetic code is to her other unique attributes. A spirit-filled woman has Discernment, Nobility, & Abundance.
Discernment – this internal antenna operates like a keen sense of smell or hearing. Even before knowing all the facts or factors, your ability to discern and rightly judge, right from wrong or good from evil is a key component of wisdom. Being able to make sound decisions requires that you continually exercise and increase your discernment as you mature.
Nobility – Honor and virtue are your portion. Your distinctive way of being delicate and strong at the same time is evidence of your noble character. Your ability to clearly articulate your needs and desires that are in full agreement and alignment with the Will of God shows such integrity. With prudence and prestige the wonders of your sophistication declares that you are royalty. Reign accordingly!
Abundance – Scripture refers to a godly woman as a “gift”. You are the gift that that never stops giving. Your obvious and hidden treasures continually reveal a deep source of richness and wealth. The way that you think, in the special things that you say and do you manifest your extraordinary faith and fullness.
You add value everywhere you go and to every life you encounter because of the abundant favor of the LORD that flows in and through you.
Sister ~ your wisdom DNA defines and directs you! Pay attention!!! Listen closely and follow its counsel. Always use and adhere to the Word of GOD as your foundation and gauge. Trust the voice that speaks in your spirit.
While your extraordinary beauty emits from within ~ always know that your intrinsic wisdom is your most appealing characteristic!

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Val is a detail-oriented and versatile professional with more than 21 years in public speaking and skilled facilitation that strengthens core competencies and enhances performance and profitability. With an extraordinary ability to motivate and empower individuals and groups, Val is uniquely able to communicate and connect with people from diverse professional, racial, ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. She is an exceptional, active listener, a strategic optimist and a master motivator! Val can be reached at ConversationswithV.net.