Governing ourselves is central to being a good citizen of the world. Strengthened character, conformed conduct and adjusted attitudes are all critical to our proper growth and maturation. Perspectives and principles often vary, but there are common denominators of behaviors that foster healthy and harmonious development in everyone.

Since its inception, NBC’s 20-year, award-winning show, Law & Order has been my personal favorite. Recent news that the show has been canceled for next season, provoked thoughts about the void that the drama’s ending might leave. As a strategic optimist, I firmly believe that good can come from everything. Instead of looking for an entertainment substitute, I began to consider using the time as an opportunity to create more law and order in my own life.

Prescribed for your empowerment, please review and apply “Conversations with V! – The L.A.W. of Life”. By establishing and expanding these parameters of positivity, an increased abundance will result in every area of your life.

The L.A.W. of Life…
1. Love Abundantly
2. Act Accordingly
3. Walk Attentively

Love Abundantly
Loving ourselves – then others equally is a chief Biblical principle. Commanding love seems oxy moronic. Love is! It seems incongruous with anything forced. The key is to tap into the place in you where love lives, then lavish yourself on its fruit. Consuming the fruit of loving with abundance includes daily acknowledging and embracing the truth. Knowing and accepting that you have a unique ability and perpetual opportunities to make substantial contributions to the Universe actually generate your greater love-ability.

Your unique gifting and special talents are Creativity in action. As you further acquaint yourself with you…a wellspring of love will emerge. Regularly watering yourself with affirmations that build your spirit and cause love to flourish. The desire to share your fruitfulness with others will be spontaneous. With great abundance and abandonment, daily connect to the source of love within your own heart. Always give love freely and you’ll receive it fully.

Act Accordingly
Erecting an enhanced system of order in your life is another key to success and fulfillment. Orderliness attracts opportunity. It is important to act in accordance with your values, goals and objectives. Your actions often reveal your true attributes, integrity and aspirations. Because life is a progressive process of learning and relearning, having patience and faith in yourself (and others) is essential.

Try these 3 Action Steps… Believe, Become and Be!

Believe in the best you. In self-actualization, there are areas of awareness that are both known and unknown to us. Continuously exploring and cultivating your internal goodness causes your better internal qualities to emerge.

Becoming your best person requires making a commitment to yourself. Make a personal covenant or vow. For greater accountability tell someone else about your promise to place self-improvement on the top of your priority list and do it.
Now Be You! There is nothing or no one on Earth who can manifest your brand of uniqueness like you can. Only you were given that responsibility. You are obliged to be!

Walk Attentively
This 3rd “L.A.W. of Life” is the most challenging. Learning to live in the moment can be elusive. Usually, we are either looking backwards in regret or anxiously ahead. While it is important to learn life lessons from the past and wisdom demands that we prepare for the future, we enjoin such wonder by being truly present in each moment.

Paying attention to what and who is around you is significant to who and where you are in life. Let’s do a focus assessment right now:

• How are you using your energy?
• Where are you directing your thoughts?
• Who around you needs the joy of your touch or smile?
• Are you thankful for the beauty in the room/office where you are sitting?
• Look in a mirror; say something nice to the amazing person looking at you!

This is a part of abundantly loving yourself. The L.A.W. of Life, especially love is co-existent. Real love should be at the center of everything to do.

By being more alert and observant you will more readily recognize the treasure that surrounds you. Closer attentiveness opens your vision to the opportunities that you seek, the love you desire and the life fulfillment that you deserve.

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Val McLeod is an international certified speaker, facilitator and freelance writer. She uses her “Mantle of Motivation” to promote personal, professional and organizational excellence for greater success on every level!
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