Blog visitors can be hard to come by, especially in the infancy stages of any platform, but getting them to return can be even more challenging! The key to the success of the most popular blogs found online is in their ability to build reader loyalty! Of course this requires enticing people to return once they land on your site and as any good blogger knows this is a process that calls for patience! The point we're going to focus on here today is how best to attract visitors and then gain their loyalty!

Operating from the obvious standpoint that presenting interesting reading material is a MUST, let's discuss the best way to build reader loyalty!

Create Awareness

Creating content is your first step but your efforts are useless unless you take the necessary measures to also create an awareness of your latest update as well! For starters properly optimizing what you compose with keywords will help you get found in search results! Of equal importance is making the extra effort to generate traffic by sharing your links in social sites or by using other available means to promote your platform! Having interesting reading material is simply not enough because if people aren't aware of your latest update, what you wrote will not be seen!

Entice Viewers

Simply because someone lands on your site doesn't mean they'll read any of what you composed! Having an enticing title along with an equally engaging first paragraph will help draw people into the body of your text! Being a good blogger means your efforts don't simply stop once you composed the body of your update! You want to be sure the title and the introduction you wrote will entice visitors to read further!

Continue 'Delivering'

Now that people have 'sampled'' some of the interesting reading material you have offered them they are more likely to return! At this point it is up to you to be consistent in delivering visitors additional updates that satisfy them! This consistency is what most popular blogs have built their success upon and if you want to be a good blogger you must be consistent to achieve your own popularity as well! The bottom line is that if you continue to deliver then people will continue to return and this is how loyalty is developed!

Getting blog visitors to land on your site is an achievement unto itself but getting them to return is the ultimate objective of any good blogger! Building loyalty with readers is something the most popular blogs can do with obvious success and it is how they do that which is discussed here today! The popularity of any blogging platform usually stems from the interesting reading material they offer people! Upon further examination however it is also the 'manner' in which this interesting reading material is offered that nurtures the loyalty of those who visit blogs! In the end it is the realization that blogging is a process that requires patience and a strategy! Your acceptance of this reality is what will ultimately make you a good blogger with a loyal following!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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