All web pages starting with (from the Internet) are made with nothing like static HTML text. However, over 20 years later, the site is very different. Sites are much more complicated. They make more searchable and engaging experiments on websites and people.
This is largely due to open source software like WordPress. If you have become successful in the online demo edition of the last decade (and much more in that process), with a WordPress collection and your own themes / plug-in you can have a modern website that has a slim design and functionality. No coding, even HTML required:
This is why WordPress is similar to me, it is almost terrible that in 2018, HTML's disturbances can be monitored on the theme and WordPress's Web site. Nevertheless, the fact continues to remain active HTML sites. (Oder HTML conversion services with smaller CSS).
Also, this site can really improve the good or not. Maybe the content of the site is not easily changed and you can simply use the existing profile or pictures. Or maybe it's more complicated than your drinks on your WordPress website? Both are justifiable reasons (among other things). The first example. "Fich has not been solved what has not been broken."
I feel it can not be the main reason why many (many) will not pass. More specifically, they just do not know how to edit their HTML page on WordPress. Especially without losing content or formatting too much on a page.
How to choose a static HTML to convert into a WordPress site will no doubt be your personal choice, time / slip investment, and matching codec features. You should be the one who decides what is best for you, but with summaries you can quickly and accurately determine the relevant information of those records in your particular position.
There are three basic options:
1. Manually create a WordPress theme based on the current HTML page.
This will allow you to import your code. You must create an FTP with an existing license and use the current code as a starting point. From here you need to create the required WordPress theme file and copy the WordPress code. This is relatively easy and straightforward if you have some experience with HTML, CSS, and PHP.
2. Put the preparation topic and only your content.
This is probably the best choice in clarity and value efforts. You guessed that you already have a real site for your current website, so you just have to spend money if you get a premium theme. The contacts used to import the content are free from the official WordPress plugin pad.

3. Give WordPress Business Services HTML to create your website.
This is the simplest solution, because it does not have much to do. However, it does not do much to help you recognize WordPress and the costs vary depending on what you choose. I do not take this option in the bottom sections because you are interested in the service provider and see others.
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