Cutting up the pig before the roasting process often leaves many of the best parts of the animal off, including the skin. If you enjoy cooking your own hog, but are a looking for ways to perform the process, you need to obtain a hog roast machine. The hog roast machine allows you to cook the pig, anywhere and anytime. Of course, not all roast machines are made equal, so you need to look at the different options and decide just what is best for you.

To start, there is the overall size of the hog roast machine you need to consider, before purchasing it. There are different sizes of pig, so there are naturally going to be different sizes of roasters. If you want to play it safe, it is often a good choice to select the larger roaster option, as this is going to provide you with ample space to roast the animal. On top of this, the larger options are able to roast other kinds of meat too. However, if you don't want to break the bank with the hog roast machine, it is possible to purchase a smaller roast option. Just keep the dimensions of the roaster in mind when going out to purchase a full hog, as you don't want something that is too larger, as it either isn't going to fit into the machine, or it is going to stick to the sides, which hinders the flavour in the areas that touch the roaster.

Another feature you need to consider when looking at different road machines is the material you are able to use when roasting the animal. For the best flavour, you want to be able to use charcoal or wood chips. This is going to give the best taste, and the wood generally gives it a nice smokey aroma and flavour. However, there are roast machines that do use propane, more like a grill than anything else. If you are looking to cook a hog quickly, this is your best bet, but generally, roasting a hog should not be about time, but the quality of the meat and this is only obtained with the charcoal or wood chip option. Having a propane feature is nice, but not necessary, so if you are looking to save some extra money, purchase a hog roaster without the propane attachment.

With the method of roasting the animal in mind, you also need a way to clean out the roaster. There should be easy access panels in the rear of the equipment, that allows you to quickly and efficiently remove all the debris of the roast (such as run offs and the discarded charcoal and wood chips). The easier it is to clean up, the quicker the clean up process takes, and let’s face it, nobody wants to spend a long time cleaning up after a delicious meal.

The material the hog roaster is made out if is also important. Although there are stainless steel options, these show dirty and grease far easier, and when roasting a hog, this is going to happen. They are pretty to look at, but there are other materials, such as cast iron, that are going to insulate the heat better, and do not require as much cleaning when in use. This is more of a preference choice when selecting a hog roaster, so make sure check out both options before you settle on a final roaster to buy.

There are many different features of a hog roaster you need to take into consideration, before purchasing your final product. Of course, there are several options that you don't really need, and only push up the overall price of the machine.

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