A Web development company always emphasizes on the fact that custom built CMS are always better than the pre-built. All these factors depend on what kind of website are you trying to build out of it and what is your exact purpose for the same. CMS development tools like Drupal, Joomla, and Word press are very powerful and intense software development in the field of CMS. Even these powerful tools in the market are not able to satisfy each and every customer’s demands and thus the need of customized CMS development arises.

It’s a fact that the customized software development involves a lot of money but they come with the assurance of fulfilling all your requirements and functionalities from the web development company responsible.CMS development tools like word press, joomla, drupal result in a very lengthy code with pre-defined attributes which take up a large amount of your time editing and modifying. HTML codes developed in such a way can also slower your page downloading due to some unused tags and attributes.PHP language is considered to be one of the easiest and most widely used languages for developing dynamic pages by a web development company.

A Web development company advice that for a ready-to-go or pre-cooked CMS tool to be beneficial for you, it should be able to fulfill at least 75% or more requirements of your website building and maintenance project. Customized CMS development is done keeping in mind the operating users for the tool. If the users are some individuals having no prior knowledge of coding and technology used then the interface designed by the web development company should be as easy as possible whereas in the case of code familiar person ease of interface is not of much importance. Software development is done on the basis of current market trends and the technology required like a banking site can never be made on PHP code because the code is not secure enough.

Before selecting a pre-built CMS tool or getting a customized CMS development tool a company should always ensure that the web application platform being used for the software development is either familiar or can be easily modified. The programming language and the database used for the development should be reliable and stable in the long run. The content generated by the tool should always be in accordance with the World Wide Web consortiums (w3c) thereby using the latest markup validations. The software licensing document developed by the software development company should be thoroughly checked for each and every clause if you plan to modify your CMS development tool and redistribute it. Some of the CMS development tools are not authorized by the web development company to be modified and redistributed by the client.

Web usability is a term which defines the ease of operating a website. A large part of web usability depends on the CMS tool used in the building of the website. This task is done by a usability expert but it can also be checked by following some trials on the front-end with some of the easily available open-source CMS.

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