Cookies are usually made up of flour, eggs, sugar, and oil with different shapes and in different taste, mostly the taste is sweet but you can get salty and spicy flavored cookies also. Cookies or biscuits, we believe or know it as kid’s food or time pass food. But cookies are made for everyone like for children as snacks and for elders we use it as tea time snacks.

Most of the time we refer cookies and biscuits as same but they are a little bit different in preparations like cookies are made up of flour eggs, sugar, and oil using nuts, raisins, etc. But biscuits are mostly made up of only flour.

In America, they refer the biscuits or some tea time cake type food as cookies …but here in India, the same food is known as biscuits. Both are typically preferred to be had as snacks and with hot and cold beverages.

We have one belief that we can't bake or make cookies or biscuits in our kitchen as tasty as it is available in the stores or bakeries …But here we should know that most of the cookies recipes are discovered from our own kitchen recipes by the common people and that they become popular as the brand.

Just we need to follow the steps and quantity of the ingredient is most important in any baking experience, and choosing proper specified recipes. Then we can make nice and tasty cookies in our Kitchen only and we can store it for a long period especially it will be very helpful to people who have children at home, we can use stored cookies to give them as snacks.
So here I like to mention some of the very easy and tasty cookies recipes which are very helpful in making simple and tasty cookies.

For example Banana Choco Chips Cookies -

Banana Choco Chips Cookies...An eggless version Recipe of the famous and ever loved Choco Chips Cookies... These cookies not only look beautiful but also tastes incredible...The Eggless Cookies recipe helps both Vegetarians & Non-Vegetarians try this without any worries about their Food Choices...This recipe is easy to make and gives you a nice flavor of Choco Chips & Banana. You can find the recipe for Banana Choco Chips Cookies here.

Here I like to mention one cookie or you may call it as biscuits because these are famously known as biscuits here in India, tutti fruitti cookies or Karachi biscuits. These biscuits are not only popular in India even these are very famous biscuits in our neighboring countries especially in Pakistan this biscuit is also named after the city of Pakistan called Karachi.

Try this World famous Karachi Biscuits Recipe here...Kids will definitely love this one...Easy to make and fun to try this at home and share how it turned out to you.

Usually, we use eggs in baking and cookies preparation but for some vegetarians who avoid taking egg and non-vegetarian foods, for them we have the eggless version of cookies called eggless wheat custard cookies.
Here is a simple recipe for Eggless Wheat Custard Cookies, which you can prepare in your Kitchen in no time with the same taste as bakery biscuits.

Try this crunchy and delicious Eggless cookie and break the myth that baking cookies are only for professional chefs…

Different people have different taste, most of the cookies or biscuits are sweet but some people are not so fond of sweet and for those kinds of people we have biscuits which are famously known as Jeera Biscuits -

Jeera Biscuits / Cumin Biscuits are one of those few Tea Time Snacks that are tasty with salt and masala flavor with the use of jeera and these cookies are Healthy choice...These are Eggless Biscuits which are crispy and crunchy with a very good dose of Jeera Flavor... You can find the Recipe here.

Almonds are very good for health and especially kid’s memory. Giving an almond daily to kids is very good for health if they are not eating it, you can feed them or make them have almonds by making them interesting through almond cookies. Yes, kids usually love cookies so we can make them eat almonds through cookies called almond cookies.

Almond Cookies Recipe from cookies are tasty and nutritious as well... Kids will definitely love this... Do try this at home and share us your cooking experience...

I hope you like all the cookies recipes and their information …go try different cookies prepare in your kitchen and store in boxes, it will be very helpful as food for children snacks box, and offering the snacks for guest who give you a surprise visitor as a time pass snack while watching TV especially for housewives.

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