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Not all materials are the same: toxic free cooking materials guide  

The materials of kitchen utensils can be transferred to food and become intoxicated every day a little. That is why it is convenient to choose well what we cook with. You can easily make hoffman house cocktail sauce on this cookware any day anytime.


The following Cookware Sets materials are best suited for cooking safely used in without substances harmful to health. However, some of them have some disadvantage if they are not used correctly.


Iron is a traditional and harmless option. The difference between "mineral iron" and "cast iron" is that the second is made with sand molds, the pieces are thicker and can incorporate enamels that prevent oxidation.

The food cooked in them can absorb small amounts of iron, but it is not a problem but an advantage in case of low levels of this mineral. In high iron diets it can cause degenerative damage.


  • They spread heat well, without overheating areas, and are ideal for grilling.
  • The lighter pieces of "mineral iron" are perfect for sautéing vegetables in them.
  • Over time, they blacken, creating a natural nonstick coating.
  • They withstand high temperatures and save energy because cooking can be finished taking advantage of its property to retain heat.


  • Very delicate foods stick together in the first uses.
  • You have to oil them at first and dry them well after washing them.
  • They are not suitable for elderly or weak people: their weight makes it difficult to use these pieces in the kitchen.
  • Cast iron parts are often expensive.

They are inert, non-toxic, and very safe materials for tableware or canning jars (with the exception of lead crystal items, found in cut glassware).


  • They do not alter the taste of food.
  • The transparency of the glass helps in the preparation and preservation of some dishes.
  • Both are dishwasher safe.


  • They are quite fragile.
  • Chipped ceramic and cut glass, which contains lead, must be discarded.

It is a fairly stable synthetic polymer. It can withstand temperatures of up to -60ºC, allowing it to freeze food in the same container. It also withstands high oven temperatures. It is strong, non-stick and easy to clean.


  • It is very non-stick, it does not need to be oiled.
  • There are a wide variety of baking formats and it is easily removed from the mold.


  • It should not be used in the oven at temperatures above 260 ° C.
  • It is not suitable for cooking fatty foods or dishes, as there may be migration of the material into the food.

It does not release toxic substances to food and it diffuses heat very well. "It is a much more resistant and stable material than ceramic non-sticks.


The industry offers new non-stick alternatives to Teflon plastic. Aluminum frying pans and saucepans are covered with ceramic materials, healthier as long as they are of quality and certified brands that do not contain heavy metals, PTFE, PFOA or nanoparticles.

The problem is that in the market we find ceramic coatings of very poor quality. Plus, color is misleading: We think every white skillet is "eco-friendly and healthy," but it could carry a simple paint coat with a minimal ceramic base, which will flake off quickly and expose the aluminum. Thermolon, Greblon Ceramic, CeraGreen, Stonite or Ceralon are registered trademarks of quality ceramic non-sticks.


  • They are resistant to high temperatures, do not release toxic substances below 450 ° C and are economical.


  • They lose their non-stick properties relatively soon.
  • They do not distribute heat well.
  • They should be used at a medium temperature. If you use it on a high heat with oil you will be left without a ceramic pan.

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