The iPhone 4S may or may not have impressed the millions of Apple worshippers who queued up before Apple Stores to buy the latest gizmo, but it has certainly influenced manufacturers of Apple accessories in a major way. Here are a few accessories that fit perfectly with the latest iPhone:

iPhone 4S Case: People who’ve bought the latest iPhone are sure to be toting it wherever they go, and would need to protect their phone. There are several manufacturers who sell cases that are convenient, yet tough. There’s a wide variety of designs to choose from. If you’d like to indulge in some Hollywood style glamour, 3-D Glitz offers phone cases that are just right for you. And if you are looking to show off some old world charm, there are iphone cases that look like a leather bound book cover. For those who prefer the sporty look, there’s the ToughSkin iPhone 4S cover from Speck. Otterbox is another popular brand known for its tough cover. In fact, they boast of providing three layers of protection including a screen protector.

iPhone Headphones: Rather than buying clumpy headphones, it makes sense to choose good quality headphones manufactured especially for the iPhone 4S. iFrogz for instance, sells ergonomically designed audio frequency headphones in a wide variety of colors and designs. They also sell earbuds that are designed for comfort. These phones are designed to cut out the noise from external sources, and are equipped with an answer and mic button to help easily answer calls.

Apple TV: Thanks to the AirPlay feature, these have become a must have accessory for iPhone 4S users. With the Apple TV it is now possible to mirror the phone to any screen connected to the Apple TV.

SLR Mount: Although the iPhone 4S has an improved camera, the SLR Mount helps to click professional looking pictures. The mount adapter can be used to mount Canon EOS and Nikon SLR.

Screen Protector: When you spend $500 for a phone, doesn’t it make sense to protect it from harm. Manufacturers of screen protectors use anti-microbial materials that attach in thin layers to the film. This anti bacterial material prevents bacterial growth even as they deliver razor sharp picture quality.

QWERTY Keyboard: For those who aren’t accustomed to the touch screen experience, there’s the Bluetooth QWERTY keypad that allows you to type fast and accurately. All that you’ve got to do is slide the keypad and start typing.

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