Cool Custom Wood Signs

It’s one thing to buy a cute, rustic sign from a home decor store, but a custom wood sign adds a personal touch to your home unlike any other. With a custom sign, you can create something totally unique for your home that no one else in the world will have. How awesome is that? Two of the best things about wooden signs is that they can be personalized in many different ways so that you can be creative and that they are built to last for several years. Do you have a nice home theater that’s missing something? Does your new lake house need something a little more personal to make it a home? How can you make your home bar official? Don’t worry, there’s a sign for it!

Classic Home Bar Sign


You’ve got a pretty cool home bar that you enjoy showing off to your guests. However, it’s missing something. You have bar stools, tap handles, plenty of liquor…What about the decor? You need a personalized Wood sign! This rustic tavern-style sign is perfect. The classic design will fit in perfectly with the rest of your decor, and you can personalize almost all of the text! This way, you can create the perfect home bar sign that matches your style. No sign from Hobby Lobby or Pottery Barn could compete with a cool custom wood sign

Welcome People Into Your Home

Having a personalized sign to greet you as you walk in the door is sure to brighten your day every time you come home! This gorgeous Wood sign Design for home is a refreshing piece of decor that will add a lovely, homey feel to your house. It’s best hung in the entryway so that it’s the first thing you see when you open the door, and your guests will feel right at home once they see it. You could also use this sign to welcome guests into a wedding reception or other special event.

Make Your Name Into a Sign


Custom wood signs are so much more than just pieces of wood with a unique design printed on it! With a name sign, you can add a truly personal touch to any room in your home. These simple but elegant pieces of decor are quite popular, especially for children’s rooms. Kids love seeing their names on the wall! You could get multiple name signs and create a cute collage of them in the living room to represent each member of the family, or get one for yourself and your significant other as cute his-and-hers signs. These super cute signs also come in several colors and fonts to make them even more unique. The options are endless!

A Must-Have Kitchen Sign for Coffee Lovers


People who are really into coffee are all about showing off their love for the caffeinated beverage. It keeps them going every day, after all! A beautiful Rustic Custom wood sign is the perfect kitchen decor for coffee lovers. The chalkboard-like design is whimsical and fun, but don’t worry, it’ll match the rest of your kitchen perfectly! You can customize the two outer lines of text and the initial on the coffee cup in the center to make it even more unique for your home.

A Cute Piece of Decor for a Couple


Aww, how cute is this custom wood sign? From the cupid’s arrow going through two hearts to the unique design of the couple’s names, everything about this sign is positively adorable. Newlyweds will especially love this sign, and it would make a fantastic wedding or housewarming gift! Couples like having their names and the date they were married on decor as it is a personal token of their relationship. This gorgeous sign is built to last for years so that they can treasure it forever!

Vintage Inspired Movie Marquee Sign


Make your home theater official with a Custom marquee sign! Designed to look like the classic marquee signs that used to be on the outside of theaters all over the world, this awesome sign is the ideal decor for a movie buff. You can customize the text on the marquee part to be your favorite movies “Now Showing” or a fun phrase of your choosing. The bright red will add a fun pop of color to the room. You could even outline it with a set of string lights to really make it stand out, even when the lights are out and the movie is on!


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