Stress, frustration, feeling low, anxiety, etc. are the common phrases everyone listens to during this time of the year – whether you are a parent, employee or a student. Employees face the daunting task of getting their work in place for the end of the financial year while students on the other hand are tied up with the final examinations. While it is common for students to be stressed during examinations, even parents today undergo the same amount of stress and anxiety as their children, sometimes even more.

Students’ perceptions of examinations combined with their traditional preparation through hard work add to the stress levels. Students fall ill, get nervous, create chaos at home, and burden themselves with multiple study materials, tuitions and extra classes. Parents fear embarrassment among relatives and social circles and enforce their high expectations on their children. The result is poor physical and mental state of the children leading to poor results in the examinations.

Examinations such as CBSE exam have been perceived as very difficult and require preparation of the highest levels. The perception of these examinations has to change if we want to see an improvement in the performance of the students. Also, parents have to understand the capacity of their children while preparing for the examinations. Unrealistic expectation will only affect them and have a deeper impact on their children.

The CBSE curriculum has been designed to test various factors in education. Students should study smartly to tackle the CBSE syllabus. Chalking out a study plan and assigning enough time to cover the topics can help to considerably reduce stress and also the anxiety to study a gigantic syllabus. Every child has different learning styles, capacity and techniques of studying. The student must evaluate the various methods well in advance and choose the technique which best suits him. After finalizing the learning methodology, it is necessary to plan the syllabus accordingly to cover all the topics on time.

Taking notes, preparing pointers, charting quick references during initial CBSE exam preparation help to avoid scanning through the entire content during revision. Choosing easy topics to begin the preparation is a good way to build confidence. Mixing easy and difficult topics regularly help to ease the pressure and provide a perfect break to the mind. Studying for long hours continuously is strictly not advisable since it affects the grasping power of the students.

CBSE question papers from the previous years should be checked carefully to study the pattern of questions, the most frequently asked questions and to get the feel of the question paper before the actual examination. These papers can provide a great insight to the students while preparing for the examinations. In-house exercises to relax the body, regular healthy food, water intake, timely breaks contribute greatly towards the exam preparations.

Understanding the topic rather than mugging answers are a smart way to prepare for examinations. Preparing in advance, revision and right attitude are cool ways to beat the examination heat. For more information, please visit

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