There is no drug, legal or illegal that has as many street names as marijuana. This is mainly because marijuana has been used for many centuries by people all over the world. This, combined with the constant debate about the effects, benefits and dangers of consuming marijuana, ensures that there is still a lot of confusion surrounding it, and this contributes to the numerous street names for weed. Some of these names have gone ahead and become mainstream and known all over the world. Some of them are just known in a small localized area, and some are known by only a group of friends. Due to the scrutiny by parents, law enforcement, and the wider society, young people will derive names for weed to try to hide their identity. Older people who consume marijuana are more likely to stick to the names they used while younger. Let’s look at some of the most common street names.

Some types of weed street names are based on the measurement. For instance, a sack refers to a determined measure. Gram is the metric unit of measurement and may hear your dealer mention it in reference to the amount of cannabis. It is funny that even in the US, where the metric system is not the official unit of measurement but in terms of marijuana, grams are widely used. 

What Are Street Names For Marijuana?


This is more of a mainstream name for cannabis but well still include it in this list. Due to the increased legalization of marijuana across different jurisdictions, many people are now confidently referring to it in this primary name. There is nothing to hide. In fact, many new consumers of marijuana are doing so for medical reasons. At some point, marijuana was a cool street name for weed. It is derived from the Spanish name mariguana. The scientific name is Cannabis Sativa


This is another popular cannabis street name that no longer sounds like a street name due to prevalent use. There is no place in the world where people won’t understand the term weed. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus about the origin of the term weed. Older people are more likely to refer to it as weed that the younger generations. Probably the term comes from the fact that cannabis grows like a weed on a farm or in the bushes. When unattended to, it will grow wildly, just like other weeds. It is common to bump into cannabis plants in the wild where nobody planted them or attends to them. 


Pot is another of the more popular cannabis street names. It only second to weed. However, it is not connected to the cooking pot in any way. A well-known theory us that it comes from the Mexican word, Potaguaya, which means cannabis leaves. This was later shortened to pot ad adopted in many parts of the world. 


People who believe in the medicinal and spiritual properties of cannabis are more likely to refer to it as the herb. You may even hear them call it the holy herb. They believe that it has some connection to their spiritual beliefs. Some of these people are Rastafarians. They consume the herb as part of their religious activities. Technically, cannabis is a herb, so they are not wrong. 


For anybody wondering what the street names for marijuana, blunt is among the very first you’ll come across. The origin of this street name is due to the brand of wrappers that were used at some point to prepare a cannabis joint. 


This is one of the weird cannabis street names. It is said that there are 420 chemicals in weed hence the origin of the name. Other people say that the street name, 420, is related to the birthday of Adolf Hitler. Yet other groups of people say a group of lads used to meet to smoke weed at 4.20 pm each day. We may never know the truth about it but code 420 will remain as a street name for weed to some people.

Mary Jane

This is a popular street name for weed. It is the more English version of marijuana. In fact, Mary Jane has led to numerous other variations to it, such as Aunt Mary, Mary Weaver, Lady Jane and many others. 

Bomb Chron

This is a street name for marijuana that refers to high quality and string cannabis. It is used when someone comes across a better weed that they regularly consume. Chron is a well-known hybrid strain hence its association with quality. Bomb Chron is typically consumed with a group of friends to appreciate its quality. It is not your common weed. 


Dank is a street name used to refer to cannabis that has a lovely flavour, smell and strong effects. It may not have the best connotations is the English language, but when used in content with weed, it means excellent weed. To experience the lovely flavor, I highly recommend you vape dank. Visit this website to learn more about different vaping devices. 


The street name Green was initially used to refer to cannabis but is now common usage where cannabis is legalized. Many stores that sell weed will have some green colour in the signage or as their overall theme. 

These are some of the street names for marijuana. Some of the street names are used worldwide or at least in a vast geographic region. Others are very localized to specific regions. When the street name is used to refer to a particular strain or type of weed, it is essential to know beforehand the effects it will has to avoid any complications. 

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