There is no magic formula for increasing your capital trading and much less in a short period of time; you should be discipline to excel in this trade. Look at trading as a profession and visualize it in time, forget about fast money and the achievement of great results instantly, think about how your life will be if you can live from this and get consistency in your long-term investments.

If you aim to do trading if you want to monetize your investments and make this your lifestyle, then give the seriousness, the commitment and value investments require.

Trading Tips

Consistency is an essential key and a great help for anyone who starts in the world of trading. A projected trader knows very well what he wants and the strategy he will use to achieve it. Likewise, he is aware that not all road to that goal will be winning and you will need to have enough discipline not to lose your sanity let alone your account when the negative streaks arrive.

How to be Consistent?

To be consistent in trading you will have to be strong, disciplined, have a goal and a clear focus on where you aim to be.  Some licensed exchanges like Juno Markets can help to improve consistency.

The giant steps can be taken, but this implies taking greater risks. Then, think about how safe, to go slowly but surely.

Keys to Grow your Trading Account

Acquire Knowledge: Are you just looking for an opportunity to make quick money? Investments are probably not for you. The basis of a good investor lies in their knowledge and the skills they have to put that knowledge into practice.

Juno Markets opinions advise that a knowledgeable trader knows the best strategy to utilize and respects that strategy, knows when to invest and when to stop. He knows what he does and why he does it.

Do not Despair: A good trader is patient and knows how to wait for the right moment to invest.

Use the Demo Account: Strategies and knowledge should be put into practice, but please do not try it on a real account.

Be Realistic: If trading were as easy as many says, everyone would be millionaires. Therefore, except when you have to lose and for the losses on time. Utilize Stop, very important.

Seriously Consider Little Capital Investment:  After practicing in the demo account, understand what you do, define your strategy and learn how the market works, jump to real with little capital.

Accept Small Profits: Better a small profit of 10 or 20 dollars in operation than a loss of 50 dollars.

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