As a passionate cooker, dedicated to constantly develop my skills in the kitchen, I can't help but struggle with stains on a daily basis. I maneuver between boiling sauces, sprinkling hot grease on my freshly-washed apron, and steaming pans which soak my clothes and my otherwise perfectly pulled back hair in a mixture of sweat and sour tastes and a heavy dosage of grease. But I guess, it is the hobby that defines the life and look of a person and in my case, the hobby usually seeps down the pan on my oven and my oily strands of hair.
At this point of my story, most people usually being asking me horrified how do I cope with all of this.

How do I actually balance between the life of a full-time mum with a highly demanding job and a the hobby of a master cooker?

Here is the deal, I guess the long years of experience and misfortune have made me some king of a superhero mom and wife as which handles otherwise difficult situations like a professional. Now, as I turn back into the past and think of my life trough the years, I see that my ever-growing need to develop and my will to just cope with things has made me stronger that I could've imagined back then. But as every fairy has her little magic wand, I too, have my charming little secrets which help me get trough the day with the satisfying feeling of a job well-done. And this applied not only to my work and domestic chores, but to my life as wife and mother of two amazing children.

What is my secret?

This is the question all of my friends asked, when they learned that being a superhero mum has grown from a dream to a reality for me. Truth is, there is one brilliant, really simple rule you need to follow when dealing with your daily tasks and it is appreciating everything you have done and you do at the moment. Take some time to reward yourself whenever you feel the need. If it a promotion you earned at work, or a new recipe you have invented, or you just helped your little ones with their homework, just don't forget to make yourself a little reward for all the hard work. So this is my little, dirty secret of being perfect at everything I do. And let's not forget the three basic rules of housekeeping, which I first heard about from expert Oven Cleaners Melbourne, and I fully apply in my daily home cleaning routine. Use green cleaning products, whenever you have the chance, treat the stains when they are still wet and do not ever mix detergents in your urge to get rid of the stain more quickly - this can harm you severely!

Hope my tips helped you make a good change in your life. So what is your little secret? Share your thoughts and experience with handling grime.

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Joanna Johnson is a passionate writer who loves sharing her experience and knowledge with her readers. She believes green living is the next big thing so she incorporates it in her daily chores and tries to develop her cleaning skills all the time. You can find more about her and green living in general on the following website: