Good clothes deserve good jewellery. Our clothes define us and tell the world what we are and what we believe in. Jewellery helps enhance the fashion quotient - it tells others how rich we are or what our leanings are with regards to fashion. Like all modern people, change is inevitable and the old-world gold and diamonds have given way to copper and stainless steel. Indeed, one of the reasons for this is the high price of jewels but there is another practical aspect - health.

Health uses of copper

Wearing copper enhances our health. Copper is necessary for many metabolic functions inside our body. It helps in the absorption of Vitamin C and in the formation of collagen. Collagen remains needed for the building and repair of our entire body. It is the major constituent of connective tissue such as skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Vitamin C finds a use to fight pathogens and improve body functions. This is one of the reasons why people wear Copper Link Bracelets. There is a slow absorption of copper through the skin.

Offset of doshas

The good effect of copper is also felt by people affected by Surya Mahadasha. This Surya Mahadasha is a bad effect that affects people. When one gets affected, all things they do will be wrong. If one wears a copper ring or bracelet, this will offset this ill effect. Like all things astrological, one must do a pooja and purify the bracelet or ring before they wear it. Copper is a good conductor of heat and it also has the property of cooling your body down.

Makes the mind calm

When one is wearing a piece of copper jewellery, it helps to make the mind calm. This is due to the way it balances excess energy and eliminates energy spikes. So, the wearer is able to make calm decisions. This helps improve the quality of life. One need not stick to bracelets alone. One may wear rings made or copper or even necklaces. A Copper Chain Necklace is fashionable and gives better health benefits than a bracelet or ring.

Cools the body

It makes the entire body cool and syncs the energy flow through the body to that of nature. This means it eliminates unneeded energy spikes and sudden heat transitions. Due to this rejuvenating effect, the person enjoys better health and mental stability. People going through a turbulent health condition will get good benefit by wearing any copper jewellery. It brings the body back to the natural heat and energy flow pattern and thereby makes him or her healthy.

Take a break

There might be instances when the bracelet or necklace turns the skin green. This is due to the oxidative process only. If you clean your necklace regularly, say once a fortnight, it will stay bright and sunny. Also, take a break from wearing your necklace once a month. Like all things, minerals also have their limits. It also helps us maintain our blood pressure so those with pressure problems will benefit from the use of copper.

Understanding the uses of copper and the way it affects us is important to us. It helps us appreciate the value of copper jewellery.

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