Successful copy writing is based upon the authors ability subtly persuade the reader into taking a desired action. The challenge is to do this all with 'written' words and no physical contact whatsoever. Learning how to write persuasive sales copy is one of the biggest assets one can have when marketing on the internet. A copy writer needs to be able and 'touch' upon certain psychological triggers of the reader in order to influence them to take a certain action. Without this writing ability it will be very tough to sell anything online but take heart, this is a 'skill' that can be learned.

Here are the 4 psychological cornerstones a copywriter must successfully trigger within the reader to make their sales copy effective.

Capture Readers' Attention

The very first thing you want to achieve is to capture the attention of the reader. Your sales copy is worthless unless it is read therefore you need to 'intrigue' your readers immediately to entice them to read further. A delicate balance of 'salesmanship' and probing is struck here to stimulate the intrigue. Be sure not to use too much hype at this point since it will only serve to turn many readers away.

Build Desire

As people read further down your page you will want to subtly create or build a sense of desire within the readers. Here is where you speak to readers about how 'great' (benefits) your product is and how it can help solve a nagging problem or fill a need.

Third party testimonies are effective at helping to 'validate' your claims.

Create Need

Your sales copy should now begin to focus more on the reader in terms of 'identifying' with their particular needs. These needs are now being associated with the benefits of what it is you are promoting and you are reinforcing that these benefits will fill the needs.

This 'transition' is done in a subtle manner only after 'introducing' your product and its benefits. The most effective sales copy will have the readers believe that they themselves are making this association and not the copy writer. It is always easier to persuade people to do something if they think they think their decision was made WITHOUT any outside influence.

Persuade (to Buy)

A copy writer in the last stage of their sales copy has built up a desire and need for their product within the reader and now tell the reader 'here it is, come and get it!' One last time the benefits are reviewed more so for how they will solve a problem or fill a need for the reader. A clear and direct 'call to action' is put to the reader urging them to take action now!

As we covered above successful copy writing is a 'skill' that can and should be learned in order to sell anything online. Marketing on the internet involves very little contact with customers therefore learning how to write persuasive sales copy is very important. The 4 'triggers' that we spoke of above are key components of any effective sales copy. By paying a little more attention to these details when composing sales copy your online marketing efforts will result in greater success.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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