Coral men’s health supplement is a form of calcium salt that is sourced from coral reefs that have been fossilized. Coral calcium is found naturally in Japan embedded in the soils of Okinawa. The calcium comes from many skeletons and shells that build reefs and lots of microscopic sea life like the star sand that inhabits that area. This natural substance comes from Sango Coral Reef off the coast of Okinawa; you should realize that this is home to some of the healthiest people and longest living individuals in the world.

Calcium is an important mineral that the body requires for day to day activities; for healthy nails and string teeth and bones and as we get older, it helps prevent osteoporosis and fractures that are a result of calcium deficiency. Apart from the maintenance of healthy bones, calcium for circulatory health enhances the nervous system as well as the circulatory system of the body. This is also an important factor as far as blood clotting is concerned. Calcium is the number one mineral in the body taking up to 35% of the body’s mineral makeup. When you include coral calcium supplements in your diet you help your body to remain strong and healthy.

When dealing with coral calcium you are talking about the leading source of the most absorbable form of calcium that is sourced from Ryukyu island; the home of the Okinawans. It is thought that one of the reasons the inhabitants are the longest living people in the world as well as their low rates of cancer and heart diseases has to do with coral calcium. Coral calcium has proved itself to work with the people of Okinawa and as such, you should be sure that it will definitely work for anyone else. When you look at Okinawans you will realize they don’t suffer from health problems associated with the rest of the world such as prostate and breast cancer, heart disease and research has indicated it’s not about their mineral rich drinking water. While their drinking water may contribute, their calcium intake is also known to be higher than the rest of the people.

Coral mine calcium is what forms the structural component of teeth, bones and soft tissue and it also forms a significant part of the body’s metabolic processes. Most people consume diets that are deficient in calcium and this renders their bones weak and makes them prone to factures because they are depleted of this important mineral. You can get a good amount of calcium naturally by deliberately consuming large amounts of green leafy vegetables. However, when you think that our average diet consists of refined grains, meats and soft drinks that are rich in phosphorous, you can see why our generation has increased problems with brittle bones; coral calcium supplementation is the way out.

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