It is not easy being a lightworker and healer in today’s world. Challenges have been plentiful and hard-hitting and there have been portals of initiation that have moved you to a new platform, a new way of being. It’s as if you have stepped up and into an expanded perspective. You are operating from a higher vibratory position. You are stronger, more resilient, and deeply rooted. You are also wiser and more compassionate. You have walked through your challenges and portals; you have learned well the big lessons of gratitude, forgiveness, and acceptance. And, of course, you will relearn them, again.

So, how do you keep your vibrations percolating, your flow flowing, and your eyes open after all of your extraordinary efforts?

Here are some core exercises to help you maintain as well as flex your special brand of sparkle and light:


The more stuff (physical, mental, and emotional) that we carry and accumulate, the more burdened and overwhelmed we can become. It’s a drain on our energies.

Cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien has a great assignment: Take 3 weeks and attend to, take care of, and deal with all of the old stuff that has been haunting you. Clean, repair, recycle, put away, give away, delegate, delete, forget, and forgive all of those old piles of unread magazines, receipts, sewing, ironing, decorations, whatever-it-is that calls your name and lassos your guilty attention when you see it or think about it.

Take the time; take care of the screaming corners, closets, desks, lists, piles, and files. Make the decisions to keep or not keep; fix or recycle; delete or file. You will no longer carry the drag and pull of the dead weight. You will no longer feel guilty, embarrassed, or aggravated. You will have taken care of business and you will feel good, maybe, even, inspired. And, more importantly, you will change your energy, and this allows you to feel lighter in a variety of ways.


Lightworkers and healers are not only bombarded with the inordinate stimuli of today’s world, but also can be exhausted and overwhelmed from collective empathy, compassion fatigue, and, even, burn-out. It’s tough being a caring, energetically sensitive person in today’s fast-paced whirl.

This is a gentle – and essential – message for lightworkers and healers. You must tend to your physical self. You are absorbing more and more energies on a daily basis. Further, through your work, many of you are being rewired to operate on a higher frequency.

Your body needs TLC on a regular basis. Not only will it help you move out of your over-active mental jungle, but these pockets of rest and rejuvenation are requisites for your creative self. Massage, energy work, salt baths, fresh air, more sleep, more greens, all the loving reminders you would give someone else, now, give to you.


To maintain your optimum energetic operating system, you need to be congruent and coherent. In other words, be in alignment with what you think, act, say, do, intend, and whisper under your breath. Endeavor to take the high road and act with integrity and kindness. Clearly, this takes practice to be loving, truthful, and whole with ourselves as well as others.

Remember your giant Light body and be courageous. Speak the truth and walk your truth -- this is the foundation of your congruency. All the while, please make sure that you feel safe and you feel sane (in other words, not crazed and reactive). Nothing has to be forced and everything unfolds in right timing.

When you exercise congruency, you practice energetic self-care and self-awareness. You discover that your well-being is stabilized and you are grounded in a place of personal peace.


This, as you well know, is the bottom line. You know it. You often do it, but, there can be moments when your connection with the divine feels faint or distant.  In those desert days, the best medicine is to maintain and/or renew your spiritual practices. In other words, keep the faith – and the light on – as the desert will, once, again, become an oasis.

However, there is another matter.  Today’s brave and stalwart lightworkers and healers have hidden or minimized their light. Like the hermit card in the tarot deck, their light in hidden under a basket and not seen or shared by others. This can happen out of fear from this lifetime or others, encoded belief systems of limitation, feelings of unworthiness, and the like. It all gets in the way of your full-self being seen.

Please, come to understand, believe, and feel, that you raised your soul hand to be here now, at this juncture in time and space, to offer your particular combination of skills, talents, and light for the good of all. Accept the fullness of your God spark and allow your sparkle to shine fully and freely.

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Psychologist, Adele Ryan McDowell, Ph.D., is the author of Balancing Act: Reflections, Meditations, and Coping Strategies for Today’s Fast-Paced Whirl. Adele’s next book is Making Peace with Suicide: A Book of Hope, Understanding, and Comfort (2014). You can learn more about Adele, her writing, and her thinking at and