Putting up a website is easy, but making it work for the site owner is a tougher job. It is, however, very doable as long as one keeps to search optimization basics which are often enough to take care of driving that all-important traffic to a site. While web site SEO remains to be an intricate subject matter, it helps to understand it by looking into its anatomy. If anything, anyone who is genuinely interested in site optimization asks only one fundamental question - what drives traffic to a website?

We can pin point different factors but here are some important ones. Determining smart keywords and keyword phrasing is the first thing that the business owener should be doing. This stage is fairly easy as it involves no more than a free online tool that automatically returns a number of relevant words and phrases that people are most likely to search about based on actual searches done. The keywords should be strategically distributed throughout the entire website. Going beyond the limit when it comes to the number of keywords is a big no no. If you do this, Search Engines will automatically categorize your site as a spam and eventually they will remove your site from the index.

After keyword phrasing, the second step involves search engines and the manner that they index the sites. It is, thus, crucial to consider the way a site is constructed when looking into how it performs with the search spiders. Certain types of websites are inherently, although unintentionally, search-unfriendly. Examples are those laden with graphical and dynamic content as well as sites that excessively use javascript.

After the second step, the third step still related to indexing but now, inbound links come in to play. Inbound links are very important in a site's success since search engines place great value on link popularity. But you must understand that the said value does not necessarily mean that you will be putting in tons of links in your site without considering the relevance. And you know the result if this happens - spam.

Finally, from the perspective of the site user, ease of site navigation is a critical component. Rarely will one persevere with a site that is illogically structured and takes forever to load a page. Building rapport with your customers should be done first before you get cozy with search spiders. This only proves that even if a site lands at the top spot of all search engine rankings, it is still bound to fail when nobody can use it meaningfully.

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