Today we’re going to talk about something pretty useful, especially for our students and notetaking lovers. As you know, the way we take out notes influences our perception a lot. With notes taken properly, you can memorize information much easier. And do a better job when it comes to exams (or any other important event when your notes are supposed to help). Which is the reason why we refer to notetaking in the first place.

So, Cornell notes — what is this?
This is a system of structuring information on your paper sheet. The secret ingredient of this method is in the position of each information cluster: it looks something like this.

3 reasons why you should use it:
Easy to personalize and optimize for your own purposes.
Effective (just try!)
How I can start properly?
Write your Subject Particulars. They are the keys to your following syllabus.
Main Notes consist of the most information and details you need. It is like a body in your essay, exactly the same function.
Cues to the left. Summaries of your main body are here. Something that will make you think of more details to this question. Do it with simple replicas, which are the easiest for your brain to memorize.
Don’t forget about Bottoms. Here lies your Summary — maybe the most important part. Maybe not. Anyways, you have to think logically and read your note all over again. Take some time to process things in your head, it’s not easy. But after that, if you write a good summary, you’ll make the most of these notes afterwards. And will probably thank yourself later

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