The film revolves around a group of young friends, separated from each other because of the lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak; each feeling like a prisoner in their own home. In expression, word and mannerism, the utter boredom of the situation oozes out of them. Over a concall, each expressing their views on the current situation in tones of boredom, laced with sarcasm. Tired of things they once enjoyed, even positive things have become negative irritants, simply because they are overwhelmed and overdosed by them. The huge lockdown negative of boredom or boriyat, was turned around to become the hook and the positive of the film. However, with Cornitos Nachos everything changes. Its analogy of different, delicious and exciting flavours translates into adding fun and zing to their boring lives. Suddenly there are options to doing routine things in fun ways. Cornitos Nachos keeps showing the way how life can be fun — even under lockdown.

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