Cornwall, England gives those on a holiday a chance to relax and put their feet up for the entirety of their stay. There are many benefits to be had traveling to Cornwall which might not spring to mind immediately, one would associate Cornwall with quiet and sleepy countryside which spills onto nice sandy beaches which in turn give way to the lapping sea. These are the main attractions to Cornwall, being less commercially developed and having a sparse population adds to Cornwall's charm.

In recent years a host of funding has come to Cornwall through a range of investment vehicles both private and public, schemes including lotteries and European social funds amongst others. These funds have helped to develop some of the counties assets and build entirely new attractions brining in vital moneys which have helped to build the profile of Cornwall as an international tourist destination.

There are 4 reasons I can think of which have kept people coming down to Cornwall:

Good Weather

Cornwall being so southerly gets the best summer seasons in the United Kingdom bar some of the British Isles, the Isle of Scilly (a part of the county of Cornwall) has near Mediterranean conditions and because it has such clear air you collect a tan much quicker than on the mainland.

Sandy Beaches

Cornwall has endless miles of coastline and vast beaches some of which are in their own right miles long. Perfectly suitable for all sorts of sports such as: kite surfing, surfing, swimming and kayaking amongst so much more! Let's not forget one can bathe as well and enjoy some good chow on a classic charred sausage from a family barbeque.


Cornwall has so many walks that suit those of all fitness levels and physical abilities, from flat decked walks to traipsing up and down the side of a steep cliff. Personally I just like the medium walks a few hours next to the sea with the sun warming me through and the waves lapping up the cliffs.

Sports and activities

Cornwall is such an outdoors place and in every corner of the County you will find something to get your cardio work out! From rock climbing to abseiling from swimming to running and kayaking to kiting.

There is something for everyone here, holidaying in Cornwall has so much to offer our very welcomed guests as you can see from the list I have populated for you, this is however just a snippet of the possibilities and I hope that you would spend some time looking into the possibilities for a holiday in beautiful Cornwall this summer.

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Hi I am Aidan, I love travel, and my favourite place is Cornwall. I currently work freelance as an article writer, writing about travel!