There is no doubt that our world is moving pretty fast. There are a lot of people feeling a sense of concern, uncertainty and fear both at home and in the work place about the future. It's not hard to understand given what is being reported on the news from around the world. Something is happening, you know it and can feel it.

We are at an epoch in human history. As much as the drama captures the attention and makes for great copy, there is a bigger story playing in the background. This you can feel too! Humanity is waking up to the truth of who and what they are. What they are is more powerful and limitless that one can imagine.

The dynamics of a company are being tested beyond the bottom line these days too. With that, there is another component to the human experience that is unfolding. Corporations and business small and large are waking up! A higher consciousness is permeating the boardrooms, cubicles, factory floors and trendy lofts.

Corporate Ascension is a powerful business movement that is gaining momentum.

So what exactly is Corporate Ascension?

Well, beyond the rather esoteric monicker, Corporate Ascension is a revolutionary program that promotes the evolution of consciousness within an organization.

Think of a business as a living breathing organism. The founders or executive team represent the "DNA" - the company is patterned after them. Each division makes up the sum of the whole. Each team is a "SuperCell" of that division. The employees are the "Cells" of the organism. The Cells form the culture of the organization and it is here that Corporate Ascension digs deep. "The mind" of the organism is a collective of the entire consciousness of the company. Corporate Ascension activates the "higher mind" of the company.

Next to innovation, an organization's corporate culture will have the biggest impact on the bottom line. There is no marketing power stronger than an employee extolling the virtues of his/her employer. With that, Corporate Ascension fosters the potential of the Cells and Super Cells in the culture.

The New Science tells us that we are only using 10% at best of our potential. Our cells and DNA are not running at full capacity. However, what lies dormant is and will be waking up! We are at the dawn of a new level of consciousness.

I could go into all the quantum physics, science and ancient wisdom to back this statement up, but that would take up considerable space. I encourage you to do your own research. There's countless pages to see in Google or

The point is, the human capital in an organization (the cells) can be seen as having the same potential. Corporate Ascension is about waking up the untapped potential of an organization's "Higher Mind" for better morale, productivity and success. It is the Macro (The company) following the Micro (the employee) in development.

Organizations that are paying attention to this will be better prepared for the shifts in cultural dynamics, global trends and the advantage of an awaking human potential.

Author's Bio: 

Dwayne Klassen is a certified trainer, transformational speaker writer, coach, inventor, and entrepreneur with a passion for ancient wisdom, spirituality, new science and helping people "Show Up" in their lives.

Dwayne is a partner with his sister, Karen Klassen at Imagine Seminars and Consulting Inc. They are the proud co-creators of the Corporate Ascension Program featuring the 5 Principles of CLEAR Communication. The PowerCompletion90 Day Challenge - one of the world's first online, multimedia, virtual, empowerment coaching and goal achievement programs. This unique, groundbreaking, web based experience, helps people take daily inspired action towards attaining their dreams, goals and desires.

Dwayne is also the author of his soon to be released book, "Showing Up- Essentials to living the life you know you must."

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