Article Title: Corporate Change and Modern Technology (Part One)
Author Name: Bill Rosoman
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Just sharing some thoughts, which may be of interest.
Corporate Change and Modern Technology (Part One)

by Bill Rosoman

Computers and Networks

Are the computers you have adequate or should you look
at an ongoing replacement plan? Should the computers be
networked so you can rationalise resources like the Internet
and printers, scanners etc? Are there better ways of doing
what you are doing? Should you not review current policies
and procedures in the light of advancing IT and adopt new
methods for doing things? You could for instance abandon
a lot of face-to-face meetings, paperwork etc if you adopted
new technology like Web cams and an online briefcase!

Common software

Is the software you are using common across the
organisation and is it adequate for the tasks expected,
not an overkill or an underkill? Is the software legal and
what is the plan to keep up to date with software and
related issues?

Agreed process for communication and reporting of
information Does the organisation have an agreed internal
and external communications and reporting procedure?
And more importantly is it used every day by everybody?

Training should be given to all staff on an ongoing basis
as to the processes for communications and reporting.

The Internet

The Internet is such a wonderful tool for research,
communication, software, updates, ebusiness, b2b, etc,
but how little it is understood and used!

The Internet should be your first choice, for communication,
to look up a phone number or to find software or information,
the cost and speed is usually much better than by any other

Things that should be used on the Internet;

* Email
* Online Banking
* Organisation Website
* News Groups
* Briefcase
* Information
* Software
* Support
* Sales
* Virtual Office

Like today, I had a bid in on a LAN card, I have won the
bid, contacted the seller and expect it will be at my address
on my return from my current business trip. All done online
and some 400 miles away from usual office. What would we
do without the Internet?


Perhaps one of the most widely used part of the Internet
is Email. But it is one of the most abused.
I spend Monday mornings downloading the weekend's
email; this is usually round 150 to 200 emails of which
95 is spam and or junk mail. Most un-solicited mail turns
me right off in a big hurry.

The other way email is abused is friends and associates
sending large attachments. When I would far prefer the
idea of sending me a link to the file and then I will decide
whether to download it or not.

Perhaps the last thing is all the viruses sent by email.

Personally I do not use or recommend Outlook Express
or MS Exchange as they constantly attacked with viruses.

I use Incredimail from as it is fun
and also recommend Foxmail, or Pegasus etc.

I do not recommend Outlook Express or MS email as
these are the ones attacked most often with viruses and
anyway the are dumb programs.

Ka Kite* and have fun out there!!!!!!!!!!!!

* "See you (later)"

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