Just 33% of U.S. workers feel enthusiastic about their jobs, according to Gallup data. In fact, costs associated with disengagement total between $450 and $550 billion yearly in the U.S. alone.

As a result, employee engagement is once again in focus. Every business is striving to foster a positive workplace environment encouraging collaboration and innovation.

To attain the goal, a series of initiatives are in order. Much has been said about common approaches (continual learning, new tech, hybrid work models, etc.), so we’ll fast forward to a simple tip: providing corporate gifts.

In addition, we’ll also touch upon customer loyalty. Indeed, both groups can be motivated in the same way.

Enter Employee Swag

The term “employee swag,” first used by advertising executive David Ogilvy in 1946, is an acronym for “Stuff We All Get.”

In essence, it’s a gift with a more profound significance attached.

It specifically serves the objective of demonstrating to employees that their efforts are respected and appreciated. That’s why it’s generally welcomed by everybody.

There are various options for promotional gifts, including desk accessories, hats, backpacks, T-shirts, and more expensive options like watches and Bluetooth speakers. Different gifts are suitable for different occasions, so let’s clarify a bit.

Employee Swag Vs Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts, as opposed to company swag, are intended for a larger audience. Along with staff, these might be gifted to clients and customers.

Promotional gifts have a significant impact on a variety of marketing-related factors, the most crucial of which are:
Increasing your brand’s visibility
Increasing your brand’s advertorial exposure
Good value (there are items for all kinds of budgets)
Workplace display
Adding variety

How to Pick Corporate Gifts

Obviously, businesses should make an effort to pick a gift that will be appreciated by everyone. Instead of streamlining gift ideas, consider recipients’ preferences.

Originality never goes unnoticed, so consider creating branded gifts (applies to a range of products, from stationery to clothing to new tech).

Regardless of the purpose of the gift, be professional. There’s nothing wrong with a pun or two, but they should be in good taste. Also, stick to high-quality materials. Plastering your brand’s logo on the cheapest of pencils won’t go far in promoting your organization.

Finally, pick the gifts that promote your brand. This is a great way to cut down the costs.

How come?

E.g., a dentist may gift branded toothbrushes, which are by far more cost-efficient than, say, Bluetooth speakers. Be wise in this regard and you’ll be able to come up with quality gifts that won’t break the bank.

Corporate Gift Ideas

There are many fun corporate gift ideas, some of which are indeed widely known. Nevertheless, useful gifts go a long way to promote your brand and help the engagement issues, so let’s take a look at some tips.

Desk Accessories

Office employees are constantly in demand of desk accessories. Although these are not as expensive as some other corporate gifts, they are still a fantastic place to start.

Choose pencils of superior quality, such as those that have smooth flow gel. Decide on the appropriate colors and brand them in a way that reflects your company mission. Use your logo’s color scheme, for example.

Branded Clothing

Clothing is a good option and one of the gifts that is easiest to customize. Furthermore, they actually promote your brand left and right since the recipients will wear them.

Multiply the number of recipients by the number of people who will see your company’s branded T-shirt being worn.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are usually a nice idea because all people drink. Rather obvious, right?

Because of that, personalized coffee mugs are actually one of the most popular promotional gifts internationally.

Be creative with the design because even though this kind of gift isn’t particularly imaginative it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s highly useful.

Surprise Gifts

Express your gratitude by occasionally giving your employees surprise gifts.

E.g., you might gift cinema tickets, chocolate gift baskets, yoga sessions, or an online course. Knowing the recipient is really the key, so make sure to show you care by taking personal preferences into account.

Custom Watches

Branded watches have a long history of being a standard business gift. The typical recipients of this kind of gift are senior employees, personnel with exceptional accomplishments, distinguished clients, loyal customers, and company donors.

New ideas do, however, accompany new trends. E.g., you might decide to gift a personalized Apple watch rather than a conventional watch.

Appreciation Matters

Everything considered, corporate gifts can inspire people and show them they’re being valued. That’s why businesses should make sure to brainstorm ideas and pay attention to the design. Gifts that go places, so to speak (like clothing and mugs), should attract the attention of others unfamiliar with your brand, so make sure they stand out!

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Angela Ash is a professional writer and editor who focuses primarily on topics related to business, mental health and travel.