Here are three Corporate Team Building Ideas that are guaranteed to add pep and energy to your next conference and turn it into the home run hit you have been looking for. Have your quarterly, bi-annual, or annual conferences become dull and boring? As the planner for your conference, you feel the weight of trying to come up with something different every time and only ending up exhausted and under-appreciated. Do you put a ton of time and effort coming with topics and speakers that are important to the success of your company only to hear complaints about, “Why this again”? “We do the same thing every time”. “What’s the purpose anyway”?

1. Think about adding a philanthropic team building event to your schedule. A philanthropic corporate team building event is designed to be high energy, tons of fun, and most importantly give back to your local community and or charities. Your group will learn how to brain storm together, problem solve, lead, follow, compete and collaborate in an extremely dynamic fast-paced team activity. It’s a great way to take time away from company spreadsheets, calendars, and performance charts yet at the same time learning and experiencing the principles that lead to long term success. The team event by itself is a ton of fun but the icing on the cake is presenting items you have built to underprivileged children. It’s even better than Christmas morning! Your team will love it and the event will become the anchor that helps them remember all of the other conference items you have worked so hard to put together.

2. If you want to scale it back a little but still have a lot of fun, think about doing a short team event that can spice up an afternoon session or get people excited right before they head to lunch. Murder Mystery events are a great way to add a little life to your conference. They are fun, energetic and can fit into a short 60-90 minute time frame for a group of 20-50 participants. If you have a small group of 20-50 participants it is a great way to bring everyone together. If you have several hundred participants it is perfect for break-out sessions. Murder Mystery events are like live games of the old board game Clue. Your group will be divided into smaller investigation units to uncover the facts of a murder that took place right before their eyes. Each group will have to learn how to work together, problem solve, and weigh the importance of information as they investigate. It’s an extremely fun way to mimic what corporate teams do in the real world every day.

3. Another great way to break up your conference is with an outdoor scavenger hunt or Camaraderie Quest. A Camaraderie Quest is like a treasure hunt. Think of being dropped in the middle of the set of the movie “National Treasure”. Your team will be given a set of clues and tasks they must perform as a group. It will take ingenuity, creativity, and developing a game plan in order to succeed. Your team will have an incredibly fun time as they work their way through a tailor-made quest in a downtown historic center, shopping center, or museum. It’s a great way to get them out of their conference chairs and on their feet, yet at the same time learning the valuable lessons of team building and leadership.

Any of these corporate team building events can add energy to your conference or convention, but remember that the larger your group becomes, the more that you'll want to rely on professional team building organizers or facilitators. Otherwise, you will be likely to have a big portion of your group standing around and watching while a few of the participants are active. Your team will compliment you greatly.

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Joe Jessop is a speaker and trainer specializing in Team Building in San Francisco, CA that insert fun and energy into any convention or annual meeting. ( Joe teaches team building events in major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Las Vegas.