Using keywords correctly is an excellent way to get more traffic for your internet based business without much extra effort! In fact by utilizing this strategy what you will generate is targeted traffic which is the only kind that will serve your needs! No matter what your focus is online the use of content in some form or fashion is require since without it you have no presence! This is where your keyword use comes into play to help you get more traffic since properly selecting and placing words and phrases helps people find you!

Here are 3 commonly used strategies by an internet based business where proper use of words and phrases will generate the targeted traffic you need!

Article Submissions

Writing articles and submitting them for circulation is a common and effective way to generate targeted traffic! However this strategy works the best by being sure you 'sprinkle' your article with relevant words and phrases so that both the search engines and people can find what you wrote. This strategy is one commonly employed by any internet based business who not only wants more visitors but also wants to build credibility as well!

Resource Box

Without this bio box the people who read the articles you write can not find your website or blog. In terms of advertising this is the only opportunity an author has to generate a readers interest in visiting their site. In 3 short sentences and sometimes less there are only allowed a few links for article writers to display to readers. The words you choose to hyperlink to your site should be the primary keyword of the article you have written! Choose wisely so that the word, phrase and site they lead to all display some type of relevancy!


The use of a blog has become a very popular and effective means for any businesses to get more traffic to their sites. Due to the fact that blogs update their content much more frequently than other sites search engines tend to favor them being they are always in search of any new content published online!With that being said properly using the right words and/or phrases within a blog post will get more site visitors with the help of the search engines! The key here is that in order to get search engine help you must first help them by letting them know what your content is all about! This is done of course by choosing and placing the relevant keywords within any post!

When working on the internet correctly using keywords can and will help get more traffic to your site and all with little extra effort! When you considered that every internet based business makes use of content this is where proper keyword use comes into play for bringing you additional targeted traffic! The 3 examples above are common strategies employ by most businesses online and offer you the opportunity to get more traffic through proper word selection and use in your content! As you can see this is the equivalent of low hanging fruit so take advantage to increase the amount of targeted traffic you receive!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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