Everyone wants a better place to live; however, only a few take actions and attempt to make it accordingly. Cory Machado is one of those personalities who move ahead to fight for his nation and spread social awareness to make a better tomorrow.

Cory Machado has numerous dreams like every other individual, but he is vigorously fighting to achieve all of them. Being a professional wrestler, he fights every day, but not only to make himself popular, instead to collect some charity and make a helping hand for the needy.

Cory hails from a Portuguese community where he used to watch American wrestling along with his grandfather. Cory said that he was attracted to pro wrestling since his childhood days, and hence he started working for it.

Professional wrestling becomes his passion with time, and he eventually took a huge leap with numerous wins and earning hearts across the globe. However, he always thinks for the betterment of the world alongside fighting for his passion.

Initially, Portuguese pro wrestler Cory Machado started working for the needy, with the support of aspiring nurse Ashley Carlson. However, destiny has something different for him. In 2014, Carlson lost her life in a tragic car accident. Cory wasn’t able to help Carlson, but he set up his mind to help other people that can save them from accidents in the future. With this mindset, he started raising awareness online and campaigning for better road conditions.

In his life, Cory might have failed numerous times, but he has never failed in helping others and contributing to the mankind. Till the current date, Machado has provided meals to over 20,000 people. He has seen hunger closely that affected his mindset and has compelled him to do something for mankind. He has done all this with the keen support of food banks and charities that showed their belief in him. Continuing his work with Carlson and keeping his grandfather in mind, Machado is looking forward to working with different collaborations to bring the volunteers under one roof and collect maximum possible charity for the needy people.

Today, social media has become a powerful platform for reaching every corner of the globe without investing a hefty sum. Cory used the same platform and initiated the social posting with #EndHunger to make an initiative for people looking forward to such a great cause. After this great initiative, he has started a new movement to eradicate hunger from the whole of Portugal, Mexico & the U.S., and even reaching further field.

The Portuguese pro wrestler has an ultimate goal, i.e., “ending hunger and honoring the memories of amazing individuals.” The optimism, perseverance, and unwillingness that he shows signify that the goal will definitely be achieved soon. His passion to help the needy people is always appreciated, and we wish his efforts to flourish with flying colors.

What are you waiting for? There are a few opportunities in your life that you can earn and be a part of such a great cause.

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