Why Bariatric Surgery is different from Cosmetic surgery

One question that people ask us a lot is- What’s the major difference between bariatric or weight -loss surgery and cosmetic surgery for body re-shaping or liposuction?
Both of these procedures lead to inch loss and some improvement in physical appearance – and this is the biggest similarity between the two.

The rest are all dissimilarities.

Both cosmetic and bariatric procedures are called ‘surgeries’, but cosmetic procedures like liposuction are done exclusively to improve your appearance by reducing localized fat deposits and it does not address the underlying causes that lead you to pile on the kilos.
There are many other important ways in which bariatric surgery is different from cosmetic surgery done for the express purpose of inch-loss like liposuction. Some of these are:

1.Bariatric surgery is a major medical procedure that actually redesigns your digestive system. It alters the way you eat as well as the amount you eat and how you digest your food.

Liposuction on the other hand, is a procedure in which a medical practitioner sucks out fat from areas on your body like your stomach, thighs and others which host stubborn fat.

You may initially some weight or inches with liposuction but it is by no means a weight loss solution. Fat removed from areas of your body will ultimately crawl back again sooner than later. Actually, liposuction and similar cosmetic procedures are not meant as a weight-loss procedures but a re-shaping procedure.

2.Liposuction is more commonly recommended for people who are not morbidly obese like those who are recommended bariatric surgery. Bariartic surgery is recommended by bariatric surgeons for people who may lose their lives if they don’t get their weight down. It is a serious medical procedure though weight-loss by itself does make a person feel better about herself or himself.

Usually an ideal candidate for bariatric surgery is someone who is unable to lose weight by dieting or exercising and has co-morbid conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

3.It is not the aim of bariatric surgery to make a person look better, but to help him/her to lose weight and live a healthy life. But the aim of cosmetic procedures is to make the person look good.

4.In laproscopy surgery a canula is put under the skin and excess fat is sucked out. It is a procedure that is performed superficially.

In bariatric surgery atleast seven procedures are carried out of which four are very common like Gastric Bypass, in which only a very small part of the stomach is left, reducing the intake of food.

Similarly, in another procedure called Adjustable gastric banding, a fluid-filled belt is wrapped around your stomach. Tightening this belt divides your stomach into two pouches, a small upper pouch that receives food from the esophagus and a larger lower pouch that opens into the small intestine. This can make you eat less and lose more weight.

However, the Indian Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) which regulates the industry have taken a line on bariatric surgery which diverges from our take on the issue. According to them bariatric surgery is a cosmetic procedure. In fact, bariatric surgery is not covered under medical insurance like all cosmetic procedures such as a face lift, in the country.

This means that if you live in India and have to undergo bariatric surgery to save your life, you will have to shell out your own hard –earned cash just like you would have to do for liposuction, an “instant gratification” surgery.

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