Due to the aging process, some layers of dead skins grow in the face and the elasticity of the face decreases. As a result, the face looks dull and a young charm gets vanished. In order to get rid of this aged skin and regain the charm, the cosmetic surgery facelift is becoming much popular among the society. A facelift treatment does not only include the removal of excess skin from the face; it would also include liposuction, neck lift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), browlift, chin implants, removal of cheek fat etc. As the economic condition of the modern society increases, the women from an age group of 30 to 60 are becoming more and more beauty conscious. It is becoming much common practice to spend even lacks just to give the face a perfect charming young look.

The cosmetic facelift is originally a surgical process which needs experienced surgical personnel. A common facelift process starts from the removal of the hairline around the ears. And then the removal process is spread all throughout the face. As facial hairs are the most irritating factor among the beauty conscious women, these are taken care at the beginning. Next the dead skin and the fatty tissues are removed from the different parts of the face. This is done to tighten the loose facial skin. Sometimes if the surgeon thinks necessary, some amount of the skin is also surgically removed to get rid of the loose nature. Also a draining process is very common during the cosmetic surgery facelift in order to remove the excess blood. After the total operation is complete, the face is wrapped with bandages and sutures which would be opened after a few days. Sometimes better surgical techniques are also used to remove the tissues fr
om the deeper region of the face, instead of just the tissues under the skin. Neck lift process is used to remove the loosen skin and excess fat from the neck region. Blepharoplasty is the surgical process to transform the eyelids into a better look. Liposuction is a process, which is used for highly fatty faces and in this process excess fat is removed.

Like other surgical processes, cosmetic facelift may also have some complications. Excessive bleeding, infection, loss of hair, skin necrosis etc are some of the commonly reported side effects of this process.

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