When we encounter the word laser, the first thing that comes into our minds is science fiction. Lasers are always portrayed in comics and movies as weapons of mass destruction. However, in reality, lasers are not used as weapons but as a very effective tool for cosmetic treatment. Lasers are often considered as a magical wand in the field of plastic surgery. The word laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This word has been used since 1957 when a scientist named Gordon Gould worked with these devices. Today many cosmetic centres are using lasers for hair and tattoo removal as well as other treatments.

Cosmetic Applications of Modern Lasers

1. Liposuction: One effective way of losing weight instantly is through liposuction however this could be a painful process. To make the treatment less painful, cosmetic centers use lasers. They are used to zap fatty deposits, also known as adipose into liquid form, make it much easier to be suctioned by Lipo methodology.

Acne Treatment: One of the most common problems of teens is acne. If not treated well, this could leave scars on our face which would have a negative effect on our physical appearance. Cosmetic centres use lasers to eradicate a bacterium that causes the infection and minimize oil gland that is also a factor in having acne. It can also be used to eliminate scars by removing the top layer of the dermis.

2. Wrinkle treatment: Acquiring wrinkles are one of the negative effects of aging. However, Cosmetic laser centre in Pune is capable of reducing the number of wrinkles visible on your face. This is done by removing the upper layer of the skin. This in turn will allow the growth of fresh and new layers of skin which is wrinkle free.

3. Laser hair removal: For women beauty is everything and excessive hair is not a very pleasant thing to have. Shaving is a common way of removing excessive hair but in just a matter of days the hairs will reappear and you will need to shave it again. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, you might consider a laser treatment. The lasers are going to be aimed at the follicles where the hair originates and damages them to prevent hair growth. You will need to undergo several treatments to achieve the final results.

Although cosmetic centres perform hair removal treatment, they also perform other hair treatment services. Apart from hair removal they can also perform Hair loss treatment. They have the latest tools and equipment to trigger hair growth.

All of us want to stay handsome or beautiful however there are many factors that prevent us from maintaining it. If we are having problems with our appearance because of the effects of aging or accidents that happen to us, you can always go to cosmetic centres to find an instant solution for that.

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