There is much value in a great smile: it can brighten someone else’s day, it can make fast friends, and it can even convince someone to do a particular task a bit more speedily. When your teeth don’t come bright and even naturally, there’s still hope for you. Consulting with a good cosmetic dentist in Melbourne is the safest, most effective way to improve the appearance of your teeth in no time at all. Here are a few dental issues that can be addressed by cosmetic dentists working in clinics such as
1. Stained teeth
Some people don’t have naturally white teeth. They may have had them when they were younger, but as people grow older, there is a tendency to acquire unsightly stains. This is usually from increased exposure to tea, coffee, wine, and other naturally or artificially dyed foods or drinks. If you don’t feel like smiling because of these stains, you better get yourself seen by a highly reputable dentist. It’s possible that you just require the more intense form of cleaning that a normal toothbrush can’t accomplish, or you could opt for the Zoom whitening treatment to get instantly white teeth within the hour.
2. Uneven, crooked teeth
You may not have minded the way your teeth were when you were young, but the way they are in your adolescent or adult years can greatly affect your level of self-confidence. You will tend to shy away from smiling broadly if your teeth are all over the place, seemingly without rhyme or reason. Young children can go for the standard orthodontic treatment because they have years to spare and they are basically okay with it—adjustments can be done in an easy, thorough manner. Although this treatment is still available for adults, very few of them would want to spend that same number of years wearing very visible metal braces especially when they are constantly talking to very important people at work. The fairly recent Envisaging treatment where you get all the advantages of wearing braces without the disadvantages of aesthetically unappealing look while undergoing treatment is the option that most adults take these days. A few dental clinics like Freedom Dental already have this on offer
3. Chipped or Cracked Teeth
Don’t worry if you have acquired a large crack on a prominent tooth because a cosmetic dentist can fix it in no time at all using veneers. Porcelain veneers or direct veneer application (another term is “bonding”) are two common procedures employed by people who have individual teeth that are cracked or chipped. Consult for an initial assessment of your teeth to see which treatment is best for your condition.
4. Missing teeth
Do you have missing teeth but your active lifestyle won’t allow you to wear conventional dentures? Consider having the more expensive but more secure dental implants so that you will have that added security that your dental crowns are fixed in place no matter what kind of strenuous activity you are currently involved in.
5. A Combination of Dental Concerns
A competent cosmetic dentist is able to come up with a solution if you have more than one concern that needs addressing. The ultimate goal is to have a better, brighter smile, so go for a dentist who can come up with a makeover plan that is customized to cater to your specific concerns. When you put your teeth in the hands of a renowned cosmetic dentist, you will be smiling from ear to ear in no time at all.

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