Who ever said that you should stop having fun when you are in debt? Even if your budget is limited and most of your extra money is going to your debt payments, that does not mean you should suck out all entertainment activities.

You can choose among many cost friendly activities that may prove to be very productive. At the very least, it provides you with the means to spend some quality time with the family.

If you have a great garden and you want to grow your own produce, you can spend a quiet weekend tending to your backyard. You can involve the children if you want to. Weed the garden, check out the produce that you are growing, trim the shrubs and trees and mow the lawn. There are a lot of chores outside your home that needs attention. If you can persuade your children to help out, that can make for a fun afternoon of beautifying your home. Apart from the bonding, you will feel great about yourself for being productive. The produce that you can get will also be an added savings as you no longer need to buy much items from the market.

Building something together can also be a good family project. A treehouse, a sandbox, a bench for the lawn - you can choose what you can build. This can be a project that will last for a couple of weekends.

Since your garden is in such good shape, you can also invite family and friends over for a backyard barbeque or something. Have everyone bring something so you don’t have to spend a lot. Set up a play area for the children so you can relax and converse with friends while watching over the little ones.

If you do not have a garden, invite friends for a movie marathon at home. The same potluck rule can be applied so you have food for the rest of the day. Having a lot of people watching the same movie will make you feel like watching it at the cinemas.

Nature tripping is also a good idea. Parks are well equipped with a lot of nature-related activities. You can go biking or hiking with your family. You can spend an afternoon picnic while your kids play nearby. If there is a nearby lake, go fishing. It can be a very peaceful and relaxing way to spend your weekend. You can go swimming on the lake if it is allowed. Or drive to the nearest beach. These excursions usually cost less than what you would spend eating out or going to the mall.

Doing something for the community is also a productive and fulfilling way to spend your weekend. Why not volunteer to do some community service like serving lunch to those in need or cleaning out the neighborhood parks. Inquire with your local government to see what you can do to help out. It is also a great way to get to know the people around you and start great friendships with them.

These activities will surely give you a lot of great memories despite your current financial conditions. When you have a relaxing weekend, you get to store up energy and motivation to get you through another week of working hard to pay off your debts.

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