Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery is reduced rapidly. Knee Replacement Surgery is known to be the most common surgery since early decades. It is because of the great reduction in surgery cost, increase in the standards of hospitals and improvement of techniques.
Knee replacement surgery techniques have been improved to Minimally Invasive Techniques. With the help of this surgical technique, patients gets discharged in just 3 days as compare to previous procedure where patients were need to stay of atleast 5 to 7 days.
Though the cost of knee replacement surgery has dropped yet cost of knee replacement surgery depends on various factors, in which the major factor is the implant cost.
Implant Cost

Hospital usually suggests their patients for knee replacement surgery packages in two ways.
1. Total Packages (all inclusive) or
2. Surgery cost + implant.
In second option i.e., surgery cost + implant, the surgery cost is same but hospital will give the options for implants. Usually implant cost varies from Rs.40000/- to Rs.90000/-
Total Knee Replacement or Partial Knee Replacement
After first consultation with surgeon, sometimes he can give two options to patients for surgery that is Total Knee Replacement Surgery or Partially Knee Replacement Surgery.
In any case, whether the patient chooses for Total Knee Replacement Surgery or Partial Knee Replacement Surgery, the surgery cost, stay charges, medicine charges and surgeon charges will be same, only there is difference in implant cost.

Class Of Accommodation
Class of Accommodation means room category allotted for the patients during hospital stay. Hospital packages start with General ward and then surgery package increased by 10% - 20% which depends on the higher class of accommodation. Class of accommodation is divided in following categories from lower to higher class like,
General Ward – Triple Sharing – Twin Sharing – Single Room – Deluxe Room – Super Deluxe Room – Suit Room
Class Of Accommodation differs from different hospitals depending on their standards and aggregations.

Location plays a very important role in cost of surgery, as the surgery cost increases from urban area to rural area. For example, If you are from Ambernath then surgery cost will be 10-20 percent higher in Thane and 20-40 percent more higher in Mumbai.
Hospital Aggregations

Mostly all the corporate hospitals are now JCI and NABH aggregated. Hospital is recurring too many expenses to keep the hospital as per international standards and all cost is being bear by patients. Surgery cost is also increased according to hospital standards. Example, surgery cost in standardized hospitals will be higher by 10-20 percent as compare to Nursing home, then cost will increase by atleast 20% as we go to higher aggregated hospitals like NABH aggregated hospital then JCI aggregated hospitals.
Computer Navigation
Computer Navigation is the advanced technique in Knee Replacement Surgery which is used by doctors on demand of patient, through Computer Navigation technique surgeon gets real time 3D map of patients knee which helps to improve the accuracy and reduce the error during the surgery. Computer Navigation adds additional burden of 50000/- to 60000/- on patient’s pocket.
Patient’s Medical Condition
The surgery cost is also dependent on the patient’s current medical condition, surgery cost will be higher for diabetic patients and cardiac patients etc.
How Health Facilitator helps you to reduce the surgery cost
Here Health facilitator plays an important role to reduce the cost of surgery, Health facilitator helps patients choosing best Hospitals, best surgeons at affordable cost. He designs the packages looking after the patient’s demand and fanatical conditions. Health Facilitator also gives various options of surgeons and hospitals to the patients looking for the surgery.
Surgeon’s role is very important for success of any surgery, so keeping in consideration other factors like location, class of accommodation, hospital aggregation hospitals and others, Health Facilitator gives you a special package. Health Facilitator also keeps watch on hospital bills and keeps their customer out of fraud.
For further enquiry about knee replacement surgery contact: +91-900490100

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For further enquiry about knee replacement surgery contact: +91-900490100