According to a study, there are approximately 197 billion people who are downloading the apps in today’s world. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to grow your business through mobile applications. People consider it very easy while using applications; moreover, it becomes easy for them to carry a simple application on the phone, and then using applications to work or their services.

Types of App
There are different reasons which elevates the cost of an app. Therefore, if you want to build an app you must consider all the factors. Here is a basic description of what factors this cost might depend:-

Web App. Web application can be understood as a mobile friendly website. A very attractive, responsive website can surely attract the attention of a lot of people to access their data efficiently. One of the most downloaded web applications is Google docs, Google calendar and Silver light. This is however, one of the cheapest ways for the business to grow their business with ease.

Native App. Native applications are those applications which are developed with a language native to the Operating system. There are a number of benefits that these native apps provide such as its Speed of operation is usually faster than other applications, you can even Work Offline and save work and data there, the data thus would be saved in the cache memory of the system. However, apart from the benefits, it also has some disadvantages that elevate its price, for example, its development takes a lot of time for development, moreover, and its downloading process is also lengthy.

Cross-Platform App. There are other application platforms that allow you to create or build an application in one language. Such as Xamarin and Phonegap. It allows you to do so by providing one source for the code. Therefore, it also provides different ways to compile the code into the native code in multiple platforms.

Next-Gen Components Oriented JavaScript Frameworks. It is another class of apps that uses components which uses JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks provide a platform that gives the performance approximately like native apps.

Now, another aspect which increases the price is the platform for which you are building it. For example, if you are building an application for iOS, then the price of developing the application would be entirely different from another application which is built for android.

Developers need to be very specific about different APIs used by different OS to create a smooth functioning application. No offence that these two platforms provide a huge market for potential customers. Therefore, it is your choice to launch your application or build it on either platform. There are definitely more users of android; there are approximately two billion monthly active users of android across the world. So, if you don’t have enough budget to launch your application then you should create a website that is best suitable for android. However, if you have enough capital to invest on an application then you can invest on developing an application for both of the platforms. In this way you can increase your reach to the targeted or potential consumers.

If you want to develop an application for android then you must have $6000 to $40000, however, if you want to develop an application for iOS, $5000 to $30000.

The price of an application might increase if you want to increase the features in an application. Therefore, if you want to provide additional features for your consumers which is actually the best strategy to stand out into this competitive market, then you need to have more capital to invest on application for its development.

Following features are must to add into your application if you want to create a typical mobile application for your targeted consumers.

Login/User Accounts: This is an additional feature that most of the applications provide from their consumers. This adds a particular price to the base rate of creating and developing an application. However, it also helps a company in tracking their customers, and their choices. By integrating the website with CRM and AI, a website can utilize the data to track the preferences of the consumers. Moreover, there are other features too that can increase the price, for example, two-step authentication.

Chat/Messaging: There is a completely different technology and process of developing a facility to communicate, i.e. to send and receive messages. The social media websites today make use of to make a web chat application that is used by people to make bidirectional communication.

Monetization Schemes: If you are thinking of creating an E-commerce website then you need to make use of a feature through which your potential customers can make payments. Moreover, different gateways for payment would also cost you different, depending upon the ease of payment.

Search: Navigation through different searched products is also an additional feature that you can provide to your customers. In this way you can provide better accessibility of your products for your customers. Most of the bloggers, E-commerce websites, and food delivery websites provide this feature for the consumers to make it easy for them to search for a particular data of their choice.

Push notifications: There are various types of notification through which you can update your users or customers about your latest events, discounts and offers. Moreover, this additional feature would also cost you more than the base rates for the development of the website.

Coming to the last point of the factors elevating the cost of an application, we need to shift our concern to the style you choose to hire the developers. For example, if you choose any freelancer, then he/she would cost the least. However, if you are choosing to hire a professional developer and provide him/her an in-office job then you need to pay him/her more.

There are many reasons in the queue of factors affecting the price of development of a website. Aforementioned points are only the major factors that could have affected the rates. However, there are still a lot of factors which need to be considered.

Interestingly, there are different studies that have concluded that the using an application can elevate the reach of a website to the potential customers, so if you are getting started with your start up then you can launch an application for your product or service. It would be a very good investment.

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