So, the demand for aluminum extrusion products is growing exponentially. And the best bet is to explore the profitability of establishing your aluminum extrusion factory.

But the costs of setting up the factory surprise many since there are dozens of things to consider before taking the dive. The basic, most important part is the necessary labor force, utilities, mold, maintenance, and processing costs. You also have to factor in rent, equipment replacements, and getting business permits, which generally depend on your municipality.

Even so, this doesn't cover the entire cost. To start, you will need extruders and other tools, such as powder coating systems. Read on below to find out how much it can cost.

Equipment and Costs of Starting up an Aluminum Extrusion Factory

What most people need to correct is crediting high-quality extrusion to the skills of personnel in extruding companies. In reality, it's not just a matter of skill but the quality and effectiveness of the extruder. Suffice it to say; that you will need a high-end extruder with super precision, speed, and tonnage range. Automation is also vital, while the tonnage range will make you flexible with any extrusion requirements.

The 600T extruder costs about $249,000 to $499,000, while the 800T falls between $299,000 and 599,000. Finally, the 1000T may cost as much as $399,000 to 700,000.

However, these costs are comprehensively on extruders only. You may incur extra costs depending on the company you are purchasing the extruder from. That is on shipment, installation, and customs. Also, setting up your factory for waste management and toxic gas treatment will cost you extra.

Workforce Requirement

The workforce will be determined by the factory size you want to set up. That is about five members operating per shift. With multiple shifts, you are going to need about 20 employees.

The Total Cost

Looking at all the above factors, it's fair and average to say that starting up an aluminum extrusion company will cost you around USD 350,000. Yet our estimation only covers mill finish aluminum extrusion devoid of surface treatment.
The creation of aluminum billets and surface treatment options such as anodizing or powder coating is what people are looking for in extrusion companies. But that will require equipment such as

● Aluminum melting workshop
● Semi-automated workstation or Fully Automated Workstation
● Powder coating system
● Powder coating and Electrophoresis workstation
● Thermal breaking line
● Molding workstation
● Laboratory
● Packaging tools
These tools prices will be dictated by the specific set-up you desire. It's best if you find out what you specifically need them to have, then refer to their current market price to know how much they will cost.

Wrap Up

Indeed, there are specific equipment requirements to configure an aluminum extrusion production.
You may need billet furnaces, mold ovens, puller machines, extrusion presses, cooling beds, and aging furnaces. Ultimately, the price depends on your specific vision of how you want your factory to be set up. About 55000 USD can get you started.

However, you must still seek professional advice and thoroughly research before acquiring the above-mentioned equipment. If you are ready to get started, consider buying your press from Foshan Nanhai Wangeshi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. they offer high-speed/precision extruders with a complete production line.

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