Women may not be the only ones who experience a “life change” in their bodies and emotions as they become older. Some doctors claim that many of their male patients report similar symptoms that women endure in perimenopause and menopause. Some men experience decreased energy and muscle tone, disinterest in sex, impotence, depression, and fatigue. They also report weight gain, hair loss, memory loss, irritability, hot flashes, night sweats and trouble sleeping. Andropause, also known as male menopause or MANopause, is the result of a gradual drop in testosterone which is an androgen, giving the condition its name. After men reach their sexual prime in their early 20’s, they begin losing testosterone at a rate of one to two percent a year, and noticeable effects can usually be felt by age 35.

Many andropausal symptoms are often misdiagnosed and treated as individual symptoms e.g. depression is frequently remedied by doctors with a prescribed anti-depressant, which may cause adverse side-effects. Unlike menopause in women when hormone production stops completely, testosterone decline in men is a much slower and gradual process. The testicles do not run out of the substance they need to make testosterone, contrary to the ovaries which discontinue generating eggs. A healthy male may be able to produce sperm well into his eighties or longer. The potential of a healthy testosterone level is always there; however a man’s body decelerates in production over time. The World Health Organization reported that the testosterone levels in most 70 year old men are 80% less than in males that are 25 years old.

Testosterone assists the male body in building protein and is crucial for supporting a healthy sex drive and maintaining erections. Testosterone also contributes to several metabolic functions including bone formation, liver function, prostate gland growth and production of blood cells in bone marrow. Men naturally produce 10-20 times as much testosterone as women do. The distribution of testosterone varies among men, as some may have higher levels than others with determining factors such as genetics, activities, lifestyle, diet, etc.

Men usually have the same fears and feelings as women do about getting older. Some men even go through a ‘mid-life crisis’ and will try to make themselves feel better by dating younger women, buying a sexy sports car or other expensive material things to boost their egos. The best thing that women can do to support the men in their lives is to empower them as much as possible. Help them ‘feel like men again’ by allowing them to assist you with little tasks that women tend to struggle with. Be compassionate and considerate of some of the physical and emotional issues they may be experiencing. Also give them plenty of positive attention and sincere affection, as well as offer your loyalty, respect and devotion to sustain your relationship and their sense of security.

Like some women going through menopause, men may also feel like they no longer enjoy sex. The most common symptom experienced by men with low testosterone is a diminished sex drive. 80% of men with documented andropause complain of low libido and an inability to maintain a strong erection. There are several supplements that are extremely effective to support healthy testosterone levels, as well as increase strength, stamina and overall vitality. The all-natural Mdrive for Men is highly recommended, as it contains herbal extracts from the Fenugreek Seed and Cordyceps Mushroom. Combined with a synergistic blend of a 100% natural formulation will strengthen the adrenal glands and provide fuel for the body to build on.

Fenugreek Seed Extract is clinically proven to help promote healthy testosterone levels by allowing men to naturally regain what they’ve been losing without the need for costly hormone therapy. In human cardiovascular studies, Cordyceps Extract enhanced nutritional blood supply to the organs and extremities, specifically increasing blood supply to the brain, and defending the heart against stress.

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