Could You Be A Medium? How Mediums Work

You may have some knowledge and beliefs about mediumship and you may also think that it takes a special brand of people who perform mediumship, other worldly and special and unlike those normal folk in society and that a medium leads a faultless life free of the burdens of negative emotions and trivialities of modern society.

Here you would be wrong on every count. You could become a medium as what you are is a spirit form incarnated into a physical form. You are spirit. One day and the shift is happening now, there will be overwhelming evidence in a scientific form that life after death exists, until then remember that minds like parachutes work best when open.

So yes you could become a medium. The starting point is to believe that you can do it. Second you have to be patient as it could take years, especially if you have emotional and inherited blockages. Like any training for any profession discipline, training and practice are required especially if one is not born with the gift naturally.

A phone medium for example will be professional and adept at linking into a client immediately and may even receive messages before the reading even takes place. What this indicates is a strong link to the spirit side and gives evidence of an accomplished and professional reader. Most mediums do not enter into the profession for the monetary gain or the prestige as there can be many down sides and challenges to taking this route. They do it for the service of their fellow man and to help those lost in the crushing fog of bereavement.

There are spirits, guides and helpers all around us which a medium communicates with, you will have your own spiritual support system that you may never realise exists. Their world is of service to others. Their sole aim is to help those on the earth plain, and these spirits also grow themselves through the helping of others. So if you want to develop mediumship then the guides are waiting to help you and they will assist you in doing it.

It is said that the call goes out to many and only very few answer. If you reach up the spirit side will without any doubt reach down to link with you.

I would suggest you start first of all with a professional medium reading by phone as this will give you most choice. In the reading as well as receiving good proof you can also ask the reader about their path and how they achieved the levels they reside at. In terms of what you could do once your mediumship is developed to a great level then you could either read professionally via face to face sittings or become a phone medium reader which will be a busier environment due to the exploding nature of the industry especially online. Other than this you could stand on platform at your local spiritualist churches or even perform readings in your locality to top up your main source of income.

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Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master

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