Success online may be eluding you or perhaps you're unintentionally making it 'unattainable' and for some very common reasons! You see we all tend to gravitate towards doing anything the easiest way possible and there's little wrong with that! In fact it's ingrained in all of us to work smarter not harder however for internet marketers to succeed they must be highly motivated and willing to work! Considering the internet is continually evolving you'll also need to be willing to regularly step outside your comfort zone to really grow and prosper! So if you're going to invest the time and energy you want to maximize the return on your investment and not be responsible for diminishing it, right?

Here are 5 'misleading' mindsets that are meant to make your efforts easier but actually can push internet marketers further AWAY from their intended goals!

Goals Too Low

Making things easier for yourself is great when the 'things' you're considering are already producing results for you! What we're talking about here is setting goals that offer little or even no challenge to you! Improvement on both a professional and personal basis comes with moving outside your comfort zone and overcoming challenges you encounter! On the other hand if you're not willing to challenge yourself well success is something you'll never find or experience!

Reasons Turn to Excuses

Exploring any reasons as to why something may be difficult can easily turn to you making excuses to NOT even try! It is always good to 'size up' any possible obstacles you may encounter before you take action however this can also lead to you convincing yourself it CAN"T be done! On the other hand if you're already highly motivated these obstacles will not turn you away but rather will compel you to devise a way to overcome them! The one thing internet marketers must not do is become accustom to avoiding challenges or difficulties by making excuses as to why it can't be done! While you're thinking something may be impossible others are taking the appropriate actions to successfully undertake the challenge!


Motivation is the launching pad for exploring new opportunities or even taking the appropriate action but complacency will undermine your drive! If you're content with the way things are, especially since you may feel the effort to change things is not worth it, your potential will likely go unfulfilled! Any growth or success you may experience typically stems from a highly motivated mindset!

Too Many 'Breaks'

When the phone or doorbell rings don't be so quick to answer! Along those lines when you 'master' something new or are having a particularly productive day, taking a break to reward yourself is NOT always a good idea! We all have highs and lows in our performance levels but when we are having an 'on' day GO WITH IT and don't celebrate every little accomplishment with another break! Too many breaks WILL disrupt your momentum,diffuse your motivation and render you unproductive! Internet marketers who are habitually unproductive always tend to quit so don't allow this to happen to you!

Too MUCH Focus

Although it's good to stay focused on what you're doing this double-edged sword can also sabotage your efforts! There will always exist a need to stay 'current' in your field to really excel! Concentrating too much on what you're doing on a day to day basis will inhibit your ability to learn new things or follow any relevant news! Working online successfully usually means you'll need to routinely be working outside your comfort zone since the internet is always evolving in 'cutting edge' ways! You can either choose to navigate the waves of the internet or be crushed by them! In either case constant change and new challenges will be something you'll need to embrace and learn from to succeed!

Achieving success online in a such a competitive environment is challenging enough for internet marketers so why sabotage your efforts? Even if you're highly motivated, you can still unknowingly limit both your progress and success! This all stems from a mindset ingrained in all of us to 'work smarter and not harder' and this makes perfect sense! Unfortunately it is common for people to focus more on not 'working harder' by subconsciously eliminating any challenges they may encounter whatsoever! Well if you take measures to never venture outside your comfort zone both your personal and professional growth will be stunted! The 5 subtle mindsets reviewed above are something likely each and everyone of us has experienced at one time or another! Remember working smarter is just plain smart but don't think for a moment that the road to success for anybody will NOT be dotted with obstacles to overcome! Use your brains where they apply but there will be times that it will take grit and determination to break through certain barriers! This is when expanding outside your comfort zone will be required and rewarded!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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